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75 Engaging Travel Blog Post Ideas for 2022

By August 31, 2021December 21st, 2021Blogging8 min read
travel blog post ideas

So you’ve started a travel blog but don’t know what to write about? Not to worry, this article lists 75 travel blog post ideas for 2022.

These 75 ideas cover the broad travel niche and will help you get your creative juices flowing. They also cover travel tips, packing, and budgeting.

While these are just ideas, I strongly recommend you do your own keyword research and adjust the titles however necessary.

You can also change the action words, numbers or use synonyms for the title. It’s always good to add your own spin to blog posts and make them necessary to your blog.

Anyways, let’s jump straight into the roundup of the 75 travel blog post ideas without further ado.

Disclaimer: The article contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission on purchases at no added cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

Travel Blog Post Ideas

  1. 5 Best Travel Hacks for 2022
  2. What’s in My Travel Bag
  3. My Favorite National Parks
  4. My Travel Bucket List for The Next 10 Years
  5. Top 10 Countries to Visit on a Budget
  6. My Favorite Camping Spots in [state]
  7. Fun Facts About [state/country]
  8. Gift Guide for Travelers
  9. My Top 10 Travel Essentials
  10. 8 Best Free Activities in [city]
  11. Best Phone Services When Abroad
  12. Top 7 Lakes to Visit in the USA
  13. How to Plan a Day Trip
  14. My Favorite Travel Apps & Websites
  15. What I Learnt After a Year of Solo Traveling
  16. My Favorite Beaches in [country]
  17. 5 Places to Travel to At Nighttime
  18. Top 15 Places to Visit in Australia
  19. Best Restaurants in [city]
  20. Travel Mistakes I Made + How to avoid them
  21. How to Solo Travel as a Guy/Girl
  22. What I Learnt After Backpacking for 3 Months
  23. How to Plan a Road Trip With Your Friends
  24. Top 8 Travel Destinations of 2022
  25. How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel Tips Ideas

  1. Top 10 Solo-Traveling Tips for 2022
  2. Hiking Tips for Beginners
  3. 7 Traveling Tips for Families
  4. Travel Mistakes to Avoid
  5. What to Wear in [country]
  6. 15 Tips for Long Flights
  7. Photography Tips for Travelers
  8. Dog-Friendly Places to Stay in [state]
  9. Solo Travel Tips for Beginners
  10. 25 Tips to Stay Safe in [country]
  11. Suitcase Packing Tips
  12. How to Save More Money for Traveling
  13. Tips for Finding Cheap Airbnb’s
  14. Budgeting Tips for Solo Travelers
  15. 10 Tips for Booking Flights
  16. How to Save on Food on Your Next Holiday
  17. Budget-Friendly Vacationing Tips
  18. Roadtripping Tips for Newbies
  19. 5 Travel Do’s and Don’ts
  20. My 5 Best Tips for Booking Cheap Accommodation

Packing Blog Post Ideas

  1. 10 Methods to Pack Your Suitcase More Efficiently
  2. What to Pack for Summer Trips
  3. How to Pack Your Carry-On
  4. My Top 10 Travel Essentials
  5. How to Pack for Long Road Trips
  6. Best Travel Equipment for Nomads
  7. How to Choose The Best Backpack in 2022
  8. What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway
  9. Top 5 Best Suitcases to Buy in 2022
  10. My 3 Favorite Packing Lists (include an email printable opt-in)
  11. How I Pack Less for Small Trips
  12. Packing List for [destination/country]
  13. What’s in My Suitcase/Backpack
  14. Top 15 Items to Pack When Hiking
  15. 5 Must Pack Skincare Products When Traveling

Budget Travel Blog Post Ideas

  1. Top 10 Cheap Places to Stay in [country/state]
  2. How to Save Money Quickly for Traveling
  3. Best Budget Restaurants in [city]
  4. How to Travel Cheap as a Family of Four
  5. How to Book Cheap Flights
  6. Best Free Camping Sites in [state]
  7. How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget
  8. 15 Budget Travel Tips for Beginners
  9. How I Budget as a Solo Traveler
  10. How to Save Money on Food Expenses
  11. Cheap Food to Pack When Hiking
  12. 7 Cheapest Places to Travel to Revealed
  13. How I Reduce Traveling Expenses
  14. Cheapest Transportation Options When Traveling
  15. Top 5 Budget-Friendly Suitcases

How to start a travel blog

Hopefully, that list of 75 travel blog post ideas has given you inspiration for what to write about next.

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How to start a travel blog with Hostinger:

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  2. Stay on ‘Web Hosting’ and choose whichever plan is suitable for you. I recommend the ‘Premium Shared Hosting’ plan for beginners.
  3. Select a period, 24 – 48 months is a good option, but you can choose either one month or 12 months too.
  4. Enter your details and create your account.
  5. Choose the domain name you want.
  6. Navigate to ‘Website’ and the ‘Auto Installer,’ and under WordPress, click Select.
  7. Fill in the popup details and click Install.

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It’s literally the cheapest web hosting jampacked with all the features needed for beginners.

start a travel blog

How to do keyword research

Now that we’ve finished the roundup of the 75 post ideas, the next step is to perform some basic keyword research.

Keyword research ultimately determines whether the blog post idea is worth writing about due to its search volume and competition.

It’s also helpful in finding other keywords you can use and whether you stand a chance against the competition or not.

To start with keyword research, you can use a free tool like Ubersuggest or ahrefs free keyword tool for your research.

While Ubersuggest isn’t the most accurate tool, I’m not going to recommend you a tool like Semrush that costs $119 a month. This is just because it isn’t worth the money when you’re not making anything.

1. Search for broad travel terms

To begin, search up a broad travel term like ‘travel’ on Ubersuggest or ahrefs. In this example, I went to the related tab and found over 1 million related search results.

You could also input other terms like a holiday, vacation, backpacking, nomad, and more into the tools.

broad travel terms

2. Look for low SEO difficulties

Next, we’ll look for low SEO difficulties so that you have a better chance to rank.

Click on ‘Filter’ on the right-hand side and input these settings:

  • Search Volume: Min – 50
  • Paid Difficulty: Max – 40
  • Cost Per Click: Don’t input anything
  • SEO Difficulty: Max – 40

After I input those settings, the list got down to 32,000 ideas. I then just go along and find keywords with low SEO difficulties (under 40 or green).

keyword research

3. Find out who’s ranking in the top 10

Now while it is good that there are 30,000+ keywords with a low SEO difficulty, you still need to do research yourself to find who’s ranking in the top 10.

While Ubersuggest is good, I’ve found their SEO difficulty scores to be inaccurate.

So after you’ve found a keyword, click on ‘Search Results,’ which will expand the search engine rankings.

While this keyword ‘best places to travel in may’ has a low SEO difficulty, it will be nearly impossible to rank because of the average score of 76 domain authority in the top ten results.

Domain Authority predicts how likely a website is going to rank in search engines. Higher domain authority of 70+ will rank much easier than a domain authority score of under 30.

So, my advice is to find blogs ranking that has a score under 30.

travel blog post ideas

4. Rinse and repeat

Now, just rinse and repeat steps one to three. Keep scrolling through keywords until you find those with a low SEO difficulty score and low ranking of domain authorities.

With some quick keyword research, I found this keyword ‘backpack breakfast ideas.’ While there is a high domain authority score ranking, it isn’t targeted for that specific keyword.

If you wrote an in-depth article, focus on SEO, have a good user experience, and are high quality, there’s a ranking potential.

travel blog post ideas

Wrapping Up

So that concludes the 75 travel blog post ideas for 2022, how to start a travel blog, and how to do keyword research.

Hopefully, this roundup gave you a ton of ideas to write about. Figuring out blog post ideas can be challenging, and many people give up on blogging due to a lack of inspiration.

Remember to do keyword research for these blog post ideas and hone in on the exact topics and articles you’ll write about. You can also adjust the ideas to fit your blog better and utilize synonyms to come up with your own articles.

If you don’t perform keyword research, you may be writing on topics no one is searching for, meaning zero traffic and a colossal waste of time.

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with your blog writing. 😊

Which of these travel blog post ideas are you going to write about?

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