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77 Travel Blog Name Ideas for 2022

By August 21, 2021December 21st, 2021Blogging9 min read
travel blog name ideas

Choosing a blog name can be challenging, with it needing to be relevant, catchy, and easy to remember. If you’re struggling to come up with a name, here’s a list of 77 travel blog name ideas that will help you find a suitable domain.

I’ve also included three tips on how to find a good name, how to get the domain name for free, as well as three generator tools you can use if you’re out of ideas.

While many travel bloggers use their own names for their blogs, it’s always fun to develop a branded blog name that can be recognized in the future.

This list is perfect for niches of traveling, backpacking, nomads, hiking, tourism, and more.

So without further ado, let’s get you started on how to choose an excellent travel blog name.

Disclaimer: The article contains affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. Hostinger is web hosting I thoroughly recommend for bloggers. You can read my full disclosure here.

How to Choose a Great Travel Blog Name

To develop a good blog name, I encourage you to keep the three steps below in mind.

If you want to skip straight to the 77 blog name ideas, click here.

Research your competition

When looking for a domain name, it’s essential to research the competitors and top blogs in the travel niche.

This will help determine which names work best and allow you to create something based on their ideas; just don’t copy it explicitly.

If you want to know some of your top competition, here are some of the best travel blogs.

Write down which names you like, and determine if you can spin-off of one of their ideas.

Good travel blog names:

  • The Blonde Abroad: A unique and creative name that gives you insight into the owner and what she’s up to. Abroad is also a great travel word too!
  • Travels of Adam: Simple yet great for anyone to use. I love incorporating a name into domain names, as it feels a lot more personal, and the articles feel like you’re reading from a friend rather than a blogger. Names like this can easily convey more trust with readers.
  • Wandering Earl: Super easy to remember, and it incorporates his name into it. You could easily replace his name with yours and have a great travel blog name.
  • Never Ending Footsteps: The domain gives you quick insight into what the blog is about, and it seems like it was an essential process for Lauren’s branding.
research competitors

Use words that rhyme

The second tip that you should experiment with when coming up with a domain name is using rhyme words.

While I don’t actually mean to make the words rhyme, you should try to come up with a couple of words that begin with the same letter.

It can make your domain name more unique, catchy, and easy to remember for users.

Examples of words that rhyme:

  • Nomadic Noah (could use any first name beginning with an N)
  • Adventures Abroad
  • Glorious Getaways
  • Nonstop Navigator

See how the words flow easily together; you should see if you can develop similar ideas.

Keep it short & memorable

The last tip that you should keep in mind when coming up with a travel blog name idea is to keep it short and memorable.

I would try to stick to a maximum of three or four words, but I’d highly recommend sticking to two terms. Any more than that, and you run the risk of making it difficult for your audience to remember.

I’d also advise against using hyphens in your URL, as users can easily forget to put them and potentially land on your competitors’ pages instead. It also makes your domain look cheap and that it was an afterthought.

I’ve come up with six domain names that show you the difference between a good and a bad name.

travel blog name ideas

Travel Blog Name Ideas

Just a reminder, these are ideas. You still need to check for yourself if these travel blog name ideas are taken or not.

If you’d like to get one of these domain names free for one year, I’ve got steps on how to do that below.

  1. Backpacking on a Budget
  2. Adventures Abroad
  3. The Casual Cruiser
  4. Adrenaline Adventures
  5. Tempting Trips
  6. Life Well Lived
  7. Nomadic Noah
  8. The Barefoot Traveler
  9. Affordable Adventures
  10. Sunset Getaways
  11. Nonstop Navigator
  12. The Nomad
  13. Beauties of Backpacking
  14. Epic Navigator
  15. Geographic Getaways
  16. Adventures of a Nomad
  17. Trendy Trips
  18. Navigator Nerd
  19. Tourist Takes
  20. The Daily Traveler
  21. Time to Travel
  22. Leap of Freedom
  23. Frugal Adventures
  24. The Friendly Nomad
  25. Pacific Transit
  26. The Wandering Adventurer
  27. Seaside Destinations
  28. Extraordinary Trips
  29. The Tourist Talks
  30. Backpacker Bros
  31. Offbeat Adventures
  32. Local Navigator
  33. The Beautiful Planet
  34. Trip of a Lifetime
  35. Active Adventurer
  36. The Nimble Navigator
  37. Picture Perfect Planet
  38. Tourist Takeoff
  39. Nomad Affairs
  40. The Happy Hiker
  41. Abroad Traveler
  42. Eco Explorer
  43. Universal Adventurer
  44. National Navigator
  45. The Vigilant Voyager
  46. Brilliant Backpacker
  47. Neverending Journeys
  48. The Tactic Traveler
  49. Hiking Hacks
  50. Epic Destinations
  51. Global Traveler
  52. Backpacker Bites
  53. Tourist Tracks
  54. Wilderness Hiker
  55. All Adventures
  56. Lets Takeoff
  57. The Road Tripper
  58. Barefoot Adventurer
  59. Nifty Navigator
  60. The Modern Traveler
  61. Tropical Tourism
  62. The Pretty Planet
  63. Natures Navigations
  64. Eco Expeditions
  65. Hiking The Planet
  66. Transit Trekker
  67. Smart Traveler
  68. Weekend Getaways
  69. Nomad at Peace
  70. Barefoot Bucket List
  71. Lifestyle Adventures
  72. Nomad Navigator
  73. Lets Escape Together
  74. Tourist Training
  75. Hikers Heaven
  76. Glorious Getaways
  77. Destination Finder

You can also use these ideas for inspiration, find synonyms, or add words to them yourself.

August 21st, 2021 Update: 20+ of these travel blog name ideas are still available.

How to Get a Free Travel Blog Domain Name

After you’ve found an available travel blog name that you like, you can get a free domain name for a year with Hostinger.

Hostinger is a great web hosting option for beginners, and you can get up to an 80% discount through my link.

How to get your free domain name:

  1. Head over to and click ‘Start Now’
  2. Choose WordPress Hosting and the ‘WordPress Starter’ plan
  3. Select a period, 24 – 48 months is a great option, but you can choose 12 months too
  4. Enter your details and create your account
  5. Choose the domain name you want

The WordPress Starter plan gives you a free domain for a year, SSL, business email, 100GB SSD storage, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

hostinger plans

Free Generator Tools

If you still haven’t figured out a name for your travel blog, not to stress, you can use one of these free blog name generator tools to help you out.

A blog name generator tool helps you come up with unique and relevant blog names for your niche.

To use one, add terms like travel, adventures, nomad, backpacker, explorer, and more to the generator tools, and it will spit out hundreds of relevant ideas for you.

I used these tools to come up with the 77 ideas above, and they work super efficiently.

Just a note, these tools do encourage you to buy a domain name through their links, but you can get one free through any of these Hostinger plans above. 😊


nameboy generator

One of the best tools for generating blog domain names is Nameboy. You can enter one or two keywords into this tool, and it will spit out hundreds of related ideas that would work well with the travel niche.

I recommend checking this site before you settle on a final name because their suggestions are always spot-on, and it shows availability too!

If there aren’t any good domain names available to choose from, try entering different words in the search box. Sometimes these other inputs generate better results than what appeared at first glance.

Business Name Generator

business name generator tool

My favorite blog name generator tool is the Business Name Generator. You can generate thousands of business and blog name ideas from a straightforward search.

This tool allows you to save your favorites ideas, sort through dozens of industries (niches), choose character count limits, rhyming words, or, if you want to insert the keyword before or after.

It’s a super user-friendly tool that will help you get ideas flowing.

Themeisle Name Generator

travel blog name ideas

The final domain name generator tool I’m recommending is one built by Themeisle. Like all other tools, it’s super straightforward to use and offers a selection of extensions like com, net, co, and more.

The tool shows you the readily available domain names, and it will quickly help you come up with a list of dozens of titles to choose from.

You can also choose options that sound similar, rhyme to the keyword you’ve input or are just entirely random suggestions.

Wrapping Up

So that wraps up how to choose a good travel blog name, my 77 travel blog name ideas, how to get a free domain name, and three generator tools you can use.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration for naming your travel blog. If so, congratulations, you’re now on track for creating an incredible travel blog that people will want to read.

Remember that while it is vital to have a relevant domain name, you shouldn’t stress over it for weeks or months. I came up with 77 appropriate names within an hour of brainstorming, so it shouldn’t take you too long either.

Also, you most likely won’t get your preferred pick (I didn’t) but remember to utilize synonyms, and you should find one in no time!

Again, get a free domain name for one year with a Hostinger plan, plus up to 80% off!

Did you find a suitable travel blog name idea from this article?

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