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117 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas for 2021

By August 15, 2021September 25th, 2021Blogging6 min read
lifestyle blog post ideas

Are you unsure what to write about? Or, have you hit a creative writing block? Well, this article covers over 100 lifestyle blog post ideas to write in 2021 to help you get out of your writing block.

These ideas are great for anyone to use and cover the lifestyle blog niche and sub-niches like personal life, fashion, health, parenting, and more!

I’ve used these ideas for dozens of posts, and they work great.

Remember that you can adjust the post’s titles and numbers to however you’d like; these are just ideas to base on.

Anyways, let’s jump straight into the 100+ blog post ideas.

Haven’t you started a blog yet? Read this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Here are the top 117 lifestyle blog post ideas; I’ve also included several sub-niches. I also explain how to do keyword research at the end of the 117 ideas.

If you’d like to skip to any particular sub-niche, click on one of the links below:

Personal Life Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to Become More Productive

  2. Top 10 Must-Haves in My Handbag

  3. How I Stay Organized in 2021

  4. How to Set Goals for [Year]

  5. My Self-Care Nightly Routine

  6. 100 Inspiring Quotes

  7. Why I Started This Lifestyle Blog

  8. 20 Lessons I Learned in My 20s

  9. How I Manage My Days With To-Do Lists

  10. Book Review + 5 Takeaways I Learned

  11. Monthly Reflections

  12. 20 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

  13. My Favorite Organization Apps

  14. 8 Habits of Successful Women

  15. How I Balance Work & Family Life

  16. How to Set Realistic & Achievable Goals

  17. Fun Ideas for Instagram Captions

  18. Significant Other Gift Guide

  19. 10 Bad Habits to Get Rid Of

  20. How I Unwind After a Stressful Day

  21. 15 Self-Improvement Ideas for [Year]

  22. 21 Life Hacks I Learnt in 2021

  23. My Favorite [Genre] Books

  24. Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $100

  25. 13 Work From Home Tips I Learnt in 2021

Fashion & Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. 15 Must-Have Fashion Accessories

  2. My Favorite Budget-Friendly Makeup Picks

  3. Minimalist Makeup Routine

  4. Summer [Year] Fashion Trends

  5. Gift Ideas for Makeup Lovers

  6. Outfit of The Day/Month

  7. Top 5 Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

  8. What’s in My Makeup Bag

  9. 10 Cheap Alternatives of [Expensive Product/Brand]

  10. My Top Wardrobe Essentials

  11. How I Plan Outfits for The Week

  12. My Favorite Seasonal Makeup Looks

  13. 20 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

  14. Clothing/Makeup Review

  15. What to Wear to a Wedding

  16. 10 Minute Makeup Ideas

  17. My Top 10 Summer Outfits

  18. How to Maintain Healthy Hair/Nails/Skin

  19. My Top 5 Makeup Products/Perfumes

  20. How to Get a Job in Fashion/Makeup

Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas

  1. What I Eat in a Day: Summer Edition

  2. 5 Exercises That Target [Specific Area]

  3. How to Meal Prep

  4. Top 5 Healthy Alternatives to Chocolate

  5. [Gym Clothing] Product Review

  6. How I Lost [Weight Amount] In One Year

  7. 5 Easy No-Equipment Workouts

  8. Best Low-Calorie Drinks at Starbucks

  9. Why I Started My Health & Fitness Journey

  10. My 10 Favorite Low-Calorie Smoothie Recipes

  11. 85 Motivational Workout Quotes to Keep You Going

  12. Top 15 Exercise Routines for Beginners

  13. Keto/No-Sugar 30-Day Meal Plan

  14. How Exercise Improved My Mental Health & Wellbeing

  15. 5 Best Low-Calorie Breakfast Recipes

  16. My 8-Week Fitness Program

  17. The Best Sports Supplements to Try in 2021

  18. How to Workout At Home Without Equipment

  19. 10 Minute Workouts for Busy Mom’s

  20. Healthy Eating Habits You Should Try

Parenting Blog Post Ideas

  1. The Best Organization Tips & Tricks

  2. My Favorite Cleaning Products of 2021

  3. How to Meal Prep for a Family of 5

  4. Top 5 Lunchboxes for Kids

  5. Easy One-Pot Meals for Busy Mom’s

  6. How I Budget With a Family

  7. Best Healthy Snack Ideas For Children

  8. How to Eat Healthy After Giving Birth

  9. 10 Low-Cost Kids Craft Ideas

  10. My Biggest Parenting Fail + How I Learnt From It

  11. How to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Weekends

  12. 15 Fun Family Weekend Activities

  13. Gift Guide for New Mom/Dad

  14. How to Decorate Your Kids Room

  15. My Daily/Weekly Schedule as a Parent

  16. How I Still Enjoy “Me Time” as a Mom

  17. 20 Healthy Meals on a Budget

  18. How to Save Money on Birthday/Christmas Gifts

  19. A Day In The Life of a Stay at Home Parent

  20. How I Stay Productive as a Stay at Home Mom/Dad

Travel Blog Post Ideas

  1. What’s in My Travel Bag/Suitcase

  2. Top 5 Countries to Visit on a Budget

  3. Dog-Friendly Places in [State]

  4. My Travel Bucket List for The Next 10 Years

  5. The Best Travel Hacks in 2021

  6. My Top 10 Travel Essentials

  7. What I Learnt After Becoming a Solo-Traveler

  8. My Favorite National Parks

  9. Places to Travel To At Night

  10. How to Save Quicker for Your Next Holiday

  11. 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling

  12. Top 5 Best Suitcases to Buy

  13. How to Pack Your Suitcase More Efficiently

  14. Fun Facts About Place/Country

  15. Top 10 Free Places to Visit in Your State

Hobbies Post Ideas

  1. 21 Fun Hobbies to Try in 2021

  2. How to Start Drawing Today

  3. My Favorite TV Series to Binge

  4. Best Inspirational Books to Read

  5. How to Meditate for 10 Minutes Every Morning

  6. 15 Gardening Tips & Tricks

  7. Best Journalling Books from Amazon

  8. Top 10 Recipes for Fussy Eaters

  9. How to Paint With Watercolors

  10. How to Capture Clear Photos on Your Smartphone

  11. 15 Best Puzzles to Buy in 2021

  12. The Best DIY Hacks for Success

  13. Best Movies from The Past Decade

  14. Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Knitting

  15. Top 21 Songs in 2021

  16. 10 Awesome Treats to Bake for Christmas

  17. How to Make Your Own Jewelry

How to Do Basic Keyword Research

After choosing your blog post ideas, the next step is to perform some basic keyword research.

Keyword research determines whether the blog post idea gets search volume or whether it’s a waste of time to write about.

It’s also essential to discover if it’s too competitive to rank for or if it’s a low-competition keyword that’s easy to rank.

You can use a free tool like Ubersuggest or ahrefs free keyword generator for your keyword research.

Step One: Search for keywords

In this example, I searched up ‘low calorie’ on Ubersuggest, went to the related tab, and found eight relatively easy keywords to rank for.

Notice how they’re green and under 40 for SEO Difficulty. That’s precisely what you want.

It’s also crucial that the keyword gets searched at least 50 times a month; otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

lifestyle blog post ideas

Step Two: Find out who’s ranking in the top 10

After you’ve found keywords with an under 40 SEO Difficulty score, your next step is to see which web pages are ranking on page one of Google.

Even though the keyword’ low calorie alcoholic drink’ has an SEO difficulty of 9, it’ll be way too challenging to rank for. This is because the top 10 pages have an average domain authority score of 79.

Domain Authority predicts how likely a website is going to rank in search engines. Basically, a higher domain authority of 60+ will rank easier than a domain authority of under 40.

My advice is to try to find keywords that have websites with under 30 domain authority scores ranking.

how to do keyword research

Step Three: Repeat steps 1 & 2

Now you have to rinse and repeat steps one and two. Keep scrolling through keywords until you find ones that have low competition or ones that no one has written about yet.

I found this keyword’ fashion insta captions’ that would be perfect to write about. It has five websites with an under 20 domain authority score ranking in the top 10 results.

If you wrote an article that’s in-depth with this keyword, focuses on SEO, and is high-quality content, you’d most likely be able to rank.

how to do keyword research

Anyways, I hope this quick little guide helps with your keyword research. Remember that this is the most basic form of it.

Wrapping Up

So that wraps up the 117 lifestyle blog post ideas to write in 2021 and how to perform basic keyword research.

Hopefully, this gave you heaps of ideas to write about. It can be challenging to figure out a content schedule, so I genuinely hope this has helped.

Remember that while these are some excellent ideas, it’d be best if you still did keyword research and honed in on the exact topics.

Without keyword research, you may be writing on topics that no one is searching for in your niche. Anyways, good luck! 😃

Which of these lifestyle blog post ideas do you plan on writing about?

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