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93 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas for 2022

By August 27, 2021December 21st, 2021Blogging9 min read
lifestyle blog name ideas

Are you planning to start a lifestyle blog but finding it challenging to develop a domain name? Not to worry, here’s a list of 93 relevant lifestyle blog name ideas you can use in 2022.

Domain names need to be relevant to your niche, catchy, and easy enough to remember. Without these three primary traits, you risk having an irrelevant domain name to the lifestyle niche.

I’ve also included three steps of how to choose a good lifestyle blog name, how to get a domain free for one year, plus three generator tools to use if you’re still struggling.

Domain names are super important and give you credibility, visibility and create brand awareness for your blog.

Anyways, let’s jump straight into how to choose a good lifestyle blog name.

Disclaimer: The article contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. Hostinger is web hosting I highly recommend for bloggers. You can read my full disclosure here.

How to Choose a Good Lifestyle Blog Name

Here are three strategies I recommend you follow when choosing a lifestyle blog name. I used these strategies to develop the list of 93 blog names below and found it super convenient.

If you want to skip straight to the 93 blog names instead, click here.

Research the competition

Rather than guessing what domain names work and which don’t, why not research your competition to see what they’ve named their blogs?

This fast-tracks the domain search process and eliminates silly or unnecessary ideas.

If you’re not too sure about your competitors, here are the best lifestyle blogs of 2022.

Jot down which names that you like, and make a list of domains you could potentially use.

Here are four lifestyle blog name ideas, plus the reasons why I like them.

Good lifestyle blog names:

  • Cup of Jo: Plays on the word, a cup of joe (slang for coffee) which is unique and creative. It’s so easy to remember, and those searching up the famous phrase on Google will come across Joanna’s blog, meaning lots of free traffic.
  • Wellness Mama: Another super easy domain name to remember. ‘Wellness Mama’ also embodies the niche of her blog, which is natural living and wellness for families.
  • Food Fun Travel: A fun and playful domain name. You could use this same principle and combine three words into a domain name.
  • Helene in Between: A travel and lifestyle blog that uses a name in it. I really like this blog name, as it feels a lot more personal with the name in it, and it rhymes too!
lifestyle blog name ideas

Use your nickname

Make your blog more personalized by using your nickname as your domain name.

Let’s say your name is Ashlee, and ‘Ash’ is your nickname. You could name your blog ‘Adventures with Ash.’ Or, if your name is Lily, you could name your blog ‘Living with Lily.’

I love when bloggers use their name in their domain name because it adds this personal touch that a word like ‘Striving Blogger’ can never achieve.

Although I love my domain name, see if you can implement your nickname into your domain name.

It’s an easy way to make your blog more personal, creative, and it embodies you as a person.

Utilize synonyms

The last piece of advice I’d recommend for finding a good lifestyle blog name is using a thesaurus to find synonyms for words you like.

Let’s face it; you’ll probably find a blog name that you love, only to be heartbroken after finding out it’s been taken. I know I was when I found a perfect name.

So, if you ever come across this problem, use a thesaurus for the words you like, and find synonyms effortlessly.

I’ll use my domain name search as an example. I wanted my domain name to be ‘Aspiring Blogger,’ but I quickly realized it was taken.

I input ‘aspiring’ into the thesaurus and found ‘striving’ instead. It turns out that I love the word striving so much more, as it means to “make great efforts to achieve or obtain something,” which perfectly relates to blogging.

You can use this exact same principle for any lifestyle blog name you like, in case you find out it’s already taken.

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas List

  1. Living and Learning
  2. Magical Mama
  3. Living With Lily
  4. Healthy and Happy
  5. Energized Living
  6. Inspiration Invasion
  7. Balanced Bliss
  8. Laidback Living
  9. Healthy Habits
  10. Style Studios
  11. Balanced Living
  12. Indy’s Inspiration
  13. Thriving Lifestyle
  14. Parenting Solutions
  15. Body Goodness
  16. The Mellow Mama
  17. Local Insights
  18. The Authentic Blogger
  19. Living Wise
  20. The Authentic Girl
  21. Blessed Balance
  22. Local Living
  23. Mama Who Mentors
  24. My Body’s Journey
  25. Healthy Essentials
  26. Improve Inspiration
  27. Living Solution
  28. Local Connections
  29. Mama’s Journey
  30. Intense Inspirations
  31. My Healthy Soul
  32. Nourishing Life
  33. Thriving Blogger
  34. Balanced Living
  35. Wholesome Mama
  36. The Mindful Local
  37. Living With Luck
  38. The Stylish Squad
  39. Nutritious Lifestyle
  40. Active Life
  41. Mindful Parenting
  42. Living in Motion
  43. Flourishing Lifestyle
  44. Girl/Guy Balance
  45. The Mindful Mama
  46. Honest Lifestyle
  47. Healthy Remedies
  48. Empire Living
  49. Golden Inspiration
  50. Parenting Habits
  51. Moms Who Meditate
  52. Simply Living
  53. Body Essence
  54. The Balanced Mama
  55. Optimum Living
  56. Inspiration Detox
  57. Blend of Balance
  58. Mobile Living
  59. Girl Rescue
  60. Parenting Health
  61. Pure Lifestyle
  62. Balance Boost
  63. [State/Area] Living
  64. Soul Inspiration
  65. My Sensual Style
  66. Munificent Mama
  67. Healthy and Honest
  68. The Daily Living
  69. My Authentic Lifestyle
  70. Parenting Path
  71. The Body Detox
  72. Deluxe Living
  73. Local Vitality
  74. Connected Lifestyles
  75. Health With Heath
  76. Pure Living
  77. Fresh Inspiration
  78. Lifestyle Makers
  79. Reflections From a Girl
  80. Balance and Breathe
  81. My Delightful Life
  82. Girl Glow
  83. Motivational Moms
  84. Supernova Style
  85. Parenting King
  86. Healthy Bloom
  87. Body Beyond
  88. Living About
  89. Strive for Style
  90. Genius Inspiration
  91. Wholesome Parenting
  92. Healthy Bliss
  93. Lifestyle Glow

August 27, 2021: Over a dozen of these domain names are still available; get one for free below. 😃

Also, remember to change out words, use synonyms, or mix and match. I reckon you’ll be able to find a domain name in no time with this list!

How to Get a Free Lifestyle Domain Name

I hope that the list of 93 lifestyle blog name ideas has given you an idea for a domain name. If so, you can get a domain name free for a year with Hostinger. 😊

Hostinger is a great web hosting option for beginners, and you can save up to 80% off through my link.

Domain names cost around $10 a year, so it’s a neat little saving.

How to get your free lifestyle domain name:

  1. Head over to and click Start Now.
  2. Stay on ‘Web Hosting’ and choose whichever plan is suitable for you. I recommend the ‘Premium Shared Hosting’ plan.
  3. Select a period, 24 – 48 months is a good option, but you can choose either one month or 12 months too.
  4. Enter your details and create your account.
  5. Choose the domain name you want.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan gets you a free domain name for a year, free SSL, CDN, 100GB SSD storage, and a free business email.

You won’t find web hosting as cheap as this with the same features.

hostinger web hosting plans

Lifestyle Domain Name Generator Tools

If you’re still unable to come up with or choose a relevant domain name, don’t worry; these free generator tools can help you find one.

A blog name generator tool helps you find unique, relevant, and catch blog names for your desired niche.

To use one, simply add keywords like lifestyle, style, living, balance, chic, and more to the tools, and they will spit out dozens of relevant blog name ideas for you.

I used these three tools to develop the 93 lifestyle blog name ideas above, and they work effortlessly.

Just a heads up, these generator tools do encourage you to purchase a domain name, but remember, you can get one free through a Hostinger plan. 😊

Blog Tyrant – Blog Name Generator

lifestyle blog name ideas

Blog Tyrant’s blog name generator tool is one of the most straightforward tools for finding relevant domain names quickly. To use the tool, enter one or two keywords into the search box and click ‘Generate Names.’

The tool will instantly load 50+ relevant domain names to the keyword you’ve entered.

While it isn’t as comprehensive as other tools, it will get you on track and give you ideas for domain names that you can use.

WPBeginner – Business Name Generator

wpbeginner business name generator tool

Another excellent domain name tool is one built by WPBeginner. To use the tool, simply enter one or two keywords into the search box and click ‘Generate.’

It will spit out dozens of domain names, as well as different extensions (com, net, co, e.g.) you can use too.

I really like this tool because it shows which domain names are available and which aren’t, so you can easily compile a list of relevant domain names that you can use.

Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify business name generator

The final domain name generator tool I’m recommending is built by Shopify. Again, to use this tool, simply enter your query and click ‘Generate names.’

This tool will spit out 100 business names that contain your selected word. I really enjoy using this tool because it pairs relevant words to your keyword and doesn’t mash random niches together.

While it’s more built to use for a Shopify account, you can easily take the ideas and use them for your blog’s domain name.

Wrapping Up

Finding a domain name is challenging, and I hope this article has helped you find a relevant and catchy lifestyle domain name.

If you follow my three steps or use one of the three generator tools, you should be able to find one with ease.

Also, just a heads up, you most likely won’t get your preferred pick; I know I didn’t. So, just remember to utilize synonyms until you find one that’s available; you’ve got this! 😊

Again, you can get a domain name free for one year with Hostinger and up to an 80% discount through my link!

Did you find a relevant lifestyle blog name idea from this article?

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