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How to Make Money From Fiverr [5 Methods]

By April 27, 2021September 27th, 2021Make Money8 min read
how to make money from fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you put your skills to use and, needless to say, get paid. This post will share what Fiverr is all about and show you how to make money by offering your services and expertise. 

Making money from Fiverr can be relatively simple; if you have any skill to offer, you have all it takes to start making money on the platform.

The appeal of working on Fiverr, and other online marketplaces, is that you can work remotely from just about anywhere across the planet. 

But before we get any further, be warned that selling gigs on Fiverr are progressively becoming very competitive due to massive advertising campaigns.

Apart from that, the platform offers boundless earnings potential. 

People often ask how to find success on Fiverr; the answer is quite simple: make your gig stand out. 

Let’s get started!

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is essentially a global online marketplace where buyers and sellers connect to buy and sell freelance services.

The starting price used to be $5, hence the name ‘Fiverr,’ but was scrapped in 2014. It’s one of the best freelancing marketplaces, offering various services, tasks, and mini-jobs at comparable rates. 

Fiverr was established in 2010 to streamline the process of hiring and getting hired as a freelancer. The platform has grown to become one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces – the quality and quantity of gigs continue to surge as the internet becomes mainstream. 

This platform allows you to sell any gig provided you can offer it. This will enable people worldwide, with or without skills, to make money selling unique services.

If you are considering selling gigs on Fiverr, the process of becoming a seller is straightforward. I will be explaining how to become a seller below.

what is fiverr

How to Become a Seller on Fiverr: The Exact Steps

Making money on Fiverr is easier than ever. The platform allows anyone to set up a profile and gig to start selling their services. 

So, how can you become a seller on Fiverr? 

Here are the steps to follow to start making money from Fiverr. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with Fiverr: When starting out, everything might be overwhelming, simply because you don’t know what to do on the site. To navigate this challenge, start by familiarizing yourself with the site and selling methods. 
  1. Register for a new account: It’s a no-brainer that you must be a registered user to make money on Fiverr. To register, sign up for a new account. You will be prompted to input your email address and contact information, after which you will receive a confirmation link via the email you provided. 
  1. Set up a compelling seller profile: When it comes to selling your gigs, your profile is perhaps the most important thing on Fiverr. Your profile showcases your skills, experience, and the tasks you have completed. Considering that your profile represents you on the platform, you should make it as compelling as possible to give an excellent first impression to potential buyers. 
  1. Create your first gig: After setting up a descriptive profile, go ahead and create a gig to share with potential buyers. Creating a gig is all about providing more information on the service you’re offering, including the requirements and how you charge. You can borrow ideas from other sellers in your niche. If you sell something common, make sure to beat competitors by adding a small unique twist or selling something entirely unique. 
  1. Send offers to potential buyers: Instead of waiting for buyers to look through your profile and purchase your service, you can proactively send them offers. This will help you grow faster, which translates to higher earnings. 

As you can see, it is relatively easy to become a seller on Fiverr. Like any other freelance market, your success immensely depends on the quality you deliver. 

Once you start selling, you will realize that Fiverr charges a service fee. The service fee is 20% of the sale.

To counteract this service fee, make sure to add 25% to the price. If you wanted to make $10 for a gig, charge $12.50 instead. This means you’ve made sure to include the fee into the price, and you’ll make $10 after the payment is subtracted.

How to make money on Fiverr without skills

It’s frustrating to find yourself in a situation where you badly need money but have no technical skills. 

Fortunately, there are ways to make money on Fiverr without any skills or experience. You will likely only make small amounts, though.

Basic knowledge plus Fiverr equals money. This is because Fiverr allows you to sell any service. 

Depending on your interests, you may consider offering services that require absolutely no skill, like phone calls, distribution, software testing, or travel planning. You can also provide background removal, transcribing, and subtitling videos that depend entirely on software. 

You can also take a bit of your time to help authors refine their work by proofreading, beta reading, or editing. These gigs have high demand and do not require special skills.

You could also sell services like freelancing and proofreading, so don’t worry, there’s a lot to do on Fiverr without having skills.

Here are also five more gigs that you can sell on Fiverr. These gigs require a bit more technical skill and talent to get started with.

5 Ways to Make Money From Fiverr

  1. WordPress design: $5 – $500+
    If you’re confident with the WordPress platform, a good service to sell on Fiverr is doing WordPress design.

    From creating an entire blog for customers to building landing pages that convert, the WordPress design gig is an awesome way to earn some money.

    This is one of Fiverr’s top-selling services.

  2. Logo design: $5 – $2500+
    It’s not a big surprise that logo design is a top-rated service on Fiverr, as all businesses want to have a unique and fitting logo.

    The logos you offer could be minimalistic, modern, hand-drawn, 3D, or more. You could also niche down and target specific industries you specialize in, like real estate or photography logos.

    The logo design category is highly saturated, with over 150,000 active services. Make sure to stand out through creativity and niching down.
make money from fiverr
  1. Voice over: $10 – $200+
    Doing voice-overs can be a great way to make money from Fiverr.

    You could be a voiceover for YouTube videos, commercials, training videos, and more.

    If you’re considering doing voiceovers, make sure to include your gender, language, accent, and tone. This will really help you in nailing specific jobs.

  2. Online tutoring: $5 – $100+
    If you’re knowledgeable in a certain subject or language, you are more than capable of being an online tutor.

    You can choose the lesson length, activities included, and different exercises.

    The online tutoring category isn’t saturated, so you’ll likely be able to find customers in no time.

  3. Social media manager: $5 – $1000+
    As a social media manager, you have the responsibility to keep and monitor the social presence of a brand or business.

    This type of Fiverr gig is ongoing, meaning that you can sell your service for a week or even longer.

    If you have skills in social media marketing, creating visually pleasing posts, optimizing hashtags, and are a competent writer, this could be the perfect Fiverr gig for you.
make money on fiverr


So there we have it, how to make money from Fiverr in 2021.

As a Fiverr seller, you have the freedom to choose between the gigs you love and the time to work—this makes freelancing on Fiverr a perfect way to make money selling any skill. 

Remember to include the 20% selling fee into your price; otherwise, you might be shocked to see a lower profit than initially planned.

What do you plan on selling with Fiverr?

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