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How to Make Money as a Teen [20 Fool-Proof Methods]

By May 18, 2021September 25th, 2021Make Money, Money30 min read
how to make money as a teen

Are you a teen looking for different ways to make money? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place!

This post covers twenty of the best ways to make money as a teen. From searching the web to starting a YouTube channel and even renting equipment, you’ll be sure to find a method to make money.

As a teenager myself, I’ve incorporated many of these methods over the past few years to make money and guarantee that they work.

Let’s get straight into it! 🙂

How to Make Money as a Teen – 20 Ways

1. Search the web and play games

Many teenagers earn money through the internet by searching the web and playing games online.

Several websites make that possible, including Swagbucks and MistPlay.

They will literally pay you to play games and watch videos. How cool is that?

While you won’t earn a ton of money, it’s a fun and easy way to make a bit of extra pocket money from time to time. These programs also pay in different ways, including PayPal cash and gift cards.

To start earning with Swagbucks and Mistplay, you must be at least 13 years old.

2. Surveys

Filling online surveys is another way to make money as a teen, and it doesn’t take long to get started.

While a lot of sites can be scams, here are some of the survey sites you can try today:
– Toluna
– InboxDollars
– SurveyJunkie
– Valued Opinions (Australia)

These are the best sites and can accept respondents over 13 years of age.

These survey panels pay in different ways, such as cash, points, gift cards, and so on. Payment for taking surveys varies, but it generally isn’t a lot.

Overall, taking surveys is still a great way to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your own home.

how to make money as a teen

3. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a great platform that offers plenty of money-making opportunities for teenagers.

You can start a YouTube channel at age 13, as long as you have parental permission.

The primary way of making money through YouTube is through ads, but it largely depends on your views and niche.

On average, a creator can make anywhere from $1 to $20 for every thousand views, sometimes a lot more. Creators can also make money through sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and more.

The more videos you upload, the higher chance of virality and gaining subscribers. Much like blogging, 100 videos will have a better chance of making you money than one video.

Any teenager can do this, so you don’t have to be a guru or talented to start. As long as you have a mobile phone and decent lighting, you’ll be good to go.

Many YouTuber’s like Channel Makers and Vanessa Lau will help guide you through starting and monetizing a YouTube channel.


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    4. Sell your old stuff for money

    Another great way to make money as a teen is to sell your old stuff for cash. You may think that some of your old items are worthless, but it’s generally not the case.

    If you list items on the Facebook Marketplace, you will discover that many people may have a great need for them.

    Many teenagers can make money fast through this method, and it doesn’t take a lot to get started with. Just clean out your house and evaluate if you genuinely need certain items.

    Popular old items to sell to make money:
    Electronics (phones, laptops, audio devices, etc.)
    Clothes (brands like Nike or Adidas will sell easier)
    Sports goods
    Toys (many toys can become collectibles after being discontinued)
    Video games

    The truth is that nothing is useless in the real sense of the world, and you might be able to earn some quick cash from items that you think are worthless.

    sell old stuff for money

    5. Start a part-time job

    An easy way to make money as a teen is to get a part-time job.

    What sets a part-time job from these other methods is that it’s guaranteed money every week.

    Many teenagers face the problem because they do not know where to start.

    So, here are the places that you’ll likely discover a part-time job:
    Paper route
    Restaurant (server or dishwasher)
    Pizza delivery
    Grocery store (cashier or stock person)
    Retail shops
    Movie theatre

    6. Car wash

    Car washing is another job you can do as a teenager to earn money.

    Many people do not like to wash their cars. If you have the skill, you can wash as many cars as possible and make money from your efforts.

    It’s easiest to start with family members and friends to get the hang of car washing. After that, consider asking your neighbors if they need their car washed.

    This is an excellent method of making money as it’s not too labor-intensive, and you could book regular clients.

    car washing

    7. Make an Etsy store

    Etsy is a unique marketplace where you can sell primarily homemade goods and other items like jewelry, artwork, digital products, and heaps more.

    Selling on Etsy is an excellent opportunity for teenagers to make extra money.

    If you are under 18, you must have your parent’s permission to sell on Etsy.

    To sell from ages 13 – 17, you must list the shop under your parents/guardian’s name and only use their financial information.

    There are many resources out there that can guide you to selling on Etsy. Make sure to stand out by adding twists to popular products and not niching down too much.

    Recommended read: What to Sell on Etsy [10 Popular Products]

    8. Sell on Fiverr

    Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can use your skills to make money.

    You must be at least 13-years-old to start selling on Fiverr, and you can list services for any price (starting at $5).

    Example services on Fiverr:
    Background removal (photos or videos)
    Subtitling (YouTube videos or lessons)
    Voice over
    Editing (writing, photos, or videos)
    + Thousands more

    Selling on Fiverr is a great way to earn extra money as a teen. If you’re talented in graphic design or art, you may quickly find customers.

    Just be aware that Fiverr takes a flat 20% cut on all services, so price accordingly.

    This post goes into more depth on how to make money from Fiverr.

    how to make money from fiverr

    9. Sell stuff at school

    Selling stuff at school is an excellent way of making money for the majority of teenagers.

    Making money is super simple, and it involves buying items for cheap and selling them at school for a higher price.

    For instance, you can buy from eBay and resell the same product at a higher price, like 50 – 100%. This works like a charm because you don’t need to create products you want to sell, and it yields cash quickly.

    Before you begin this method, test one product to see whether your fellow schoolmates are interested in purchasing it.

    I recommend promoting the products on your social media stories, like Instagram or Snapchat.

    Fun fact: I used to buy phone cases and necklaces off eBay for cheap and sell them at a high profit to my school year level (I was 12 at the time). I quickly made $200+ for the minimal effort required.

    10. Tutor

    If you excel in certain subjects, you can earn money by becoming a tutor.

    You can advertise the skill on the internet and most likely find others needing help with those certain subjects.

    Depending on your skill set, you could charge anywhere between $25 – $75 an hour.

    Tutoring subject examples:
    Maths (calculus, algebra, etc.)
    – Chemistry
    – Languages (English, Spanish, etc.)

    Since getting an education will always be around, it’s safe to say that many students will need tutors to help further their knowledge and scores.

    Also, if you’re finished with high school, you could sell your final year’s notes for specific subjects. If you got an excellent score, you could sell them anywhere from $5 – $50.

    how to make money as a teen

    11. Make passive money from your devices

    Did you know that with your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can actually make money from them?

    A simple way to do so is to register with websites and download apps that collect your data from the sites you visit.

    Some of these apps preserve your information. This is very important. Do not opt for apps that sell or expose your personal information. There are some quality apps out there you can install to start earning money.

    Smart App is an example of a platform that will pay you $5 a month to keep on your device. They do not share personal/private information with third parties and run passively in the background. You can also participate in surveys and giveaways to make more money.

    Survey Savvy is another app where you can connect to their system and earn money from them. If you stay connected for one year, you can earn between $60 to $190.

    While these platforms won’t supplement a part-time income, they’re great to give you a passive $5 – $10 each month, with zero effort required.

    12. Become a freelance writer

    Over 7.5 million blog posts are published daily, which is why becoming a freelance writer is better now than ever.

    With basic knowledge of the English language, you can produce content for bloggers and get paid for it.

    Many content writing websites offer such services for freelancers (like Fiverr).

    If you have that skill, you can register with any of these content freelance providers and get paid for your services.

    More often than not, writers charge $0.05 to $0.10 per word, meaning that a 2,500-word blog post like the one you are currently reading could pay you $250. This number only goes up depending on your skillset.

    Like everything, you’ll become a better writer naturally over time.

    how to make money as a teen

    13. Walk dogs

    It may sound unbelievable, but dog walking is an active way of earning money for many young people.

    You gain in two ways.

    The first is from getting paid for the activity. The second is that you are exercising in the process.

    It’s not a difficult job to do but requires some basic knowledge of the handling and training of dogs.

    To book jobs, sign up with a platform like Wag! or Rover. Another way to source jobs is by posting job adverts on local Facebook groups.

    The pay isn’t incredible, but if you can walk multiple dogs simultaneously, it can increase dramatically.

    14. Perform yard work

    If you like to work outdoors, you can earn money by doing yard work.

    Many teens can make money by mowing lawns, weeding, watering plants, shoveling snow, raking leaves, scooping dog poop, and so on.

    To get clients, ask or put flyers around your neighborhood to see if anyone requires yard work or maintenance.

    how to make money as a teen

    15. Rent your stuff

    Another great way to make money as a teen is to rent out your stuff, whether electronics or party supplies.

    You could rent out anything, from photography equipment to sporting goods or even musical instruments. Many girls can also earn a good income from renting out clothes for parties/formal occasions.

    The price varies heavily on the type of product being rented, but it’s safe to assume that it can be anywhere from 1% – 2% of the items cost per day.

    Meaning that a $2000 lens could be rented out at $20 – $40 a day. If multiple days are booked, it can add up relatively quickly.

    16. Create and sell art items

    If you are gifted in drawing, painting, or any graphic design, you can make money from it.

    Artworks are known to sell very well. If you are a creative designer, you have plenty of opportunities available. You could sell prints or commissioned pieces and advertise your work through any social media platform.

    You can also promote it in any online marketplace where artwork is sold, like Etsy or Artfinder.

    how to make money as a teen

    17. Join any skill-based competitions

    If you are skillful in any field and there are competitions, you can join them to potentially make money.

    These competitions include scooting, skateboarding, playing video games, biking, etc.

    The prize money varies from field to field, but you can win anywhere from $50 to $1000+.

    Esports have massive prize pools for their competitions, such as the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals. It had a prize pool of $30.4 million, with some players leaving with $3 million. 🤯

    18. Sell stock photos

    Another excellent way to make money as a teen is by selling stock photos.

    Photos are in high demand across the internet as blogs and businesses require unique images every day. You can register with sites like Getty Images and Adobe Stock to start selling your pictures.

    Unfortunately, this method is only available for those 18 years or older.

    sell stock photos

    19. Stream on Twitch

    If you love playing video games and are relatively talented, you can start streaming on Twitch.

    You must be at least 13 years old and have express permission from your parents/guardians to stream on Twitch.

    Twitch streamers can earn money in various ways, including subscribers, ads, donations, merchandise, and more.

    While it can be tough to stand out amongst the 9.52 million active streamers, you must be willing to stay consistent and persevere with your streams.

    Tommyinnit is the perfect example of a 17-year-old twitch streamer making a lot of money.

    According to my estimates, with his 27,000+ current subs, he’s able to make over $95K a month. This estimate doesn’t include donations or his YouTube channel revenue. 🤯

    20. Run errands and clean houses

    The last method to make money as a teen is to run errands and clean people’s homes.

    All you need to do is search your neighborhood and look for those who want services completed for them.

    TaskRabbit is an example of a platform that connects you with people willing to pay you for small tasks. This includes building products, doing home repair, or even helping with house moving.

    Unfortunately, you must be at least 19-years-old to sign up with TaskRabbit, but the earnings potential is crazy high.

    Another way to make money is to clean people’s homes. According to Indeed, the average house cleaner gets paid around $14.54/hour. This isn’t bad money for teenagers.

    clean houses


    So, there we have twenty different ways to make money as a teen.

    There are many different ways to make money, from playing games to walking dogs. You have to think outside of the box and have a basic skill set.

    I recommend experimenting with a few of these ideas to see what you’re comfortable doing.

    How do you plan to make money as a teen?

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