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63 Best Finance Blog Name Ideas for 2022

By January 9, 2022Blogging7 min read
finance blog name ideas

Personal finance is a niche growing exponentially in popularity, which means it’s getting harder to find a domain name. Luckily, this article covers 63 finance blog name ideas and how to choose a catchy one.

Finding a domain name can be tricky because you want it to be relevant to the niche, easy to remember, catchy, and a name that builds trust with the audience.

You risk having an irrelevant domain name to the finance niche without these few traits. Contrary to these traits, you also don’t want to pigeonhole yourself with a domain name that’s too specific.

This article includes 63 finance blog name ideas to help you develop a catchy name, plus three steps to help you discover good names.

Anyways, let’s jump straight into the list of domain names without further ado.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission on purchases at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

Finance Blog Name Ideas List

  1. Money Movements
  2. Advocate Money
  3. Wealthworks
  4. Lessons in Finance
  5. Influenced Investor
  6. Innovative Dollar
  7. First-Choice Finance
  8. Master Your Money
  9. Superior Spender
  10. Guaranteed Wealth
  11. Energized Credit
  12. Express Savvy
  13. Happy Frugal
  14. The Wise Dollar
  15. For Less Finance
  16. Investing Hacks
  17. Advocate of Wealth
  18. Capitol Spender
  19. The Weekly Wallet
  20. Mortgage Money
  21. The Ideal Investments
  22. Stock Searchers
  23. The Sharp Dollar
  24. Investing Riches
  25. Simplify Stock Investing
  26. Modest Money
  27. Genius Frugal
  28. Dreaming Wealth
  29. Inspiring Investor
  30. Edgy Finance
  31. Hustle for Wealth
  32. Savvy Lessons
  33. Handbook Money
  34. Dollar Inspire
  35. Growth Spender
  36. Credit Reporter
  37. Moneyworks
  38. Incoming Investor
  39. Empowered Finance
  40. Spotting Wealth
  41. Exciting Wallet
  42. The Slick Spender
  43. Smart Money
  44. Frugal Digest
  45. Radiant Investor
  46. Determined Dollar
  47. Accelerated Finance
  48. Focus on Frugality
  49. Mountains of Money
  50. Savvy and Efficient
  51. Wealthaholic
  52. Ignited Investments
  53. Money in Motion
  54. Conscious Riches
  55. Magical Dollar
  56. Mountain of Riches
  57. The Stellar Spender
  58. Finders of Stock
  59. Insider Investing
  60. Tales of Wealth
  61. Insightful Investor
  62. Frugal Hacks
  63. Mogul Money

January 9th, 2022 Update: There are still over 20 of these names available to purchase. You can get them for free with Hostinger.

How to Choose a Good Finance Blog Name

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure how to find a good name.

Here are three steps that you can utilize in your pursuit of a good finance blog name.

I used these three steps to find the 63 names above, and they’re effortless to implement.

Use a domain generator tool

A blog name generator tool helps you find unique, relevant, and catchy domain names for your desired niche.

All generator tools work similarly in that you add one or two keywords (like finance or money), and the device will spit out hundreds of relevant blog name ideas for you.

Some generator tools also allow you to filter through niches, extensions, character count, and more. They also show which names are available and which aren’t, which can cut down your search time.

Domain generator tools:

  • Nameboy: Enter one or two keywords and click Submit. The tool will generate dozens of domain names and instantly show you which ones are available.
  • Business Name Generator: Enter one or two keywords into the search box and click Generate. The tool will spit out hundreds of relevant domain names, and you can sort through industries, character count, words rhyming, and more.
  • Blog Tyrant – Generator Tool: Enter a keyword into the search box and click Generate Names. This tool is straightforward to use and will help you find a name in no time.

While no domain generator tool is perfect, they’re beneficial by giving ideas and inspiration, which can help you find your domain name.

business name generator tool

Research the niche’s competition

Another great way to find a suitable finance blog name is by researching the finance niche competition.

Following this strategy is a surefire way to gain inspiration for domain names and eliminate ideas that won’t work.

If you’re unsure about your competitors, here are the 50 best personal finance blogs of 2022.

I like to write down the blog names that I like the most, and from there, I use those names as inspiration for my search.

Here are three finance blog names on that list I like and why I like them.

Good finance blog names:

  • Nerd Wallet: A short and easy-to-remember domain name. The term ‘wallet’ is also broad and money-based, so the blogger isn’t pigeonholed into any specific finance sub-niche.
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich: While it isn’t a short name, it’s very blunt, straightforward, and memorable. You can also tell it’s a finance blog from afar, and there’s no guessing work involved.
  • Dollar Sprout: A creative name that has thought behind it. Sprout means to grow, which shows that it’s a finance blog about growing your money, skills, and mindset. It’s also very short and easy to remember.

Use synonyms

When searching for a domain name, the last strategy I recommend is using synonyms for words you like.

Synonyms are words that are nearly identical to a particular word or phrase. So a synonym for money would be cash or finances.

Using synonyms is especially helpful when looking for domains because you’ll come to realize that many names you like are already taken.

So, if you ever come across a domain name you like but find out it’s taken, input one or two of the words into an online thesaurus and try to create a new name.

When I was looking for a domain name for this blog, I wanted it to be called an ‘aspiring blogger.’

That name was taken, so I input ‘aspiring’ into a thesaurus and found the word ‘striving’ instead.

It turned out I liked the word striving so much more, and that’s how my blog’s name came to fruition, from using a synonym.

finance blog name ideas

How to Get a Free Domain Name

Now that we’ve established how to choose a good finance blog name, I’ll reveal how to get a free domain name with Hostinger.

Hostinger is an excellent beginner-friendly web hosting option, and you can save up to 80% off through my link.

You can get a free domain with the Premium Shared Hosting plan, valued at $10.

How to get a free finance domain name:

  1. Go to and click Start Now.
  2. Choose whichever plan is suited to you. I recommend the Premium Shared Hosting plan at $2.59 a month.
  3. Pick a timeframe, 24 – 48 months are the greatest deals, but you can choose between one month or 12 months too.
  4. Enter your details and create an account.
  5. Choose a domain name you’d like.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan gives you a free domain name for a year, free SSL, CDN, 100GB storage, and more.

I think it’s a great budget-friendly option for beginners that won’t break the bank.

hostinger new years plans

Wrapping Up: Finance Blog Name Ideas

Finding a catchy blog name can be challenging, so I hope this list of 63 finance blog name ideas has helped.

Hopefully, you can find a relevant domain name with the list or follow one of the three steps.

I have the most success when using a domain generator tool and researching the competition, as it gives me a solid foundation of ideas to stem from.

Also, you more than likely won’t get your first pick, so remember to utilize synonyms or research the competition until you find one that’s available.

Reminder, you can get a free domain name with Hostinger (with up to 80% discount through my link).

Did you find a relevant finance blog name from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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