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51 Best Eco Blog Name Ideas for 2022

By November 25, 2021December 14th, 2021Blogging8 min read
eco blog name ideas

Are you on the hunt for eco blog name ideas but having difficulties finding one? Not to worry, this article covers 51 eco blog name ideas and how to choose a relevant one.

Developing a domain name is a challenging task, as domain names must embody your overall premise and information about your blog.

They also need to be relevant, catchy, and easy enough for an audience to remember. Without these few traits, you risk having an irrelevant domain name to the ecological niche.

This article also includes three steps on how to choose an excellent eco blog name, how to get a domain free for one year, and three generator tools to help you if you’re still struggling to choose a domain name.

Anyways, let’s get straight into how to choose a good eco blog name.

Disclaimer: The article contains affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

How to Choose a Good Eco Blog Name

Here are three steps on how to choose a relevant eco blog name.

If you’d like to skip straight to the list of 51 names, click here.

1. Make it short & easy to remember

My first tip on how to choose a good name is to keep it as short as possible. If you can, try to aim for a domain name under 20 characters or as short as possible.

Also, try to keep the domain name between one to three words long.

While there aren’t any strict rules you must follow, it’s a good rule to keep it short if you want your audience to remember your name.

Remembering a 15 character (two worded) domain name is much easier than remembering a 50 character (six worded) domain name.

2. Use synonyms

Another strategy to find a good eco blog name is using a thesaurus to find synonyms for words you like.

When I was looking for a domain name for this blog, I wanted it to be called an aspiring blogger.

Unfortunately, that domain name was taken. However, I input ‘aspiring’ into a thesaurus and found the word striving instead.

It turned out that I love the word striving so much more and found it much more relevant to my blog.

So, if you ever come across a taken domain name that you love, find synonyms for the words you like, and you could end up with a great domain name.

3. Avoid numbers

The last tip for choosing a relevant and catchy domain name is to avoid using numbers at all costs.

Numbers in a domain name are tough to remember, and they make your blog name look cheap.

Also, when telling people about your blog in person, they might confuse the number 1 with the word one and end up on a different blog altogether.

To avoid confusion, I recommend never putting numbers into your domain name. Keep it simple and stick with words.

A good tip from GoDaddy is that if you need the numbers in your domain name, register both different variations to play it safe.

This means that if someone entered either 1 or one, they’d still end up on your blog, so you don’t have to worry.

Bonus tip: Research your competition

Instead of guessing which names work and which don’t, it’s easiest to research your competition and find out what words they’ve chosen for their blogs.

This is a surefire way to help you develop a list of blog names that you like. You can select something similar or use synonyms to find available domain names.

If you’re unsure of the top competition in the eco/sustainability niche, here are some of the best eco blogs of 2022.

Anyways, let’s get onto the list of 51 eco blog names.

Eco Blog Name Ideas List

  1. Redefined Nature
  2. Renew Resources
  3. Green Dreams
  4. Eco Mindset
  5. Renew Wildlife
  6. Nature Beyond
  7. Nurtured by Nature
  8. The Renew Zone
  9. Organic Kicks
  10. Eco Bloom
  11. Sustainable Science
  12. Saver Reclaim
  13. Ecoaholic
  14. Sustainable Streams
  15. Evergreen Eco
  16. Life is Limitless
  17. Green Terrains
  18. Eco Accelerate
  19. Nature and Bliss
  20. Nurture Energy
  21. EcoWorks
  22. Sustainable Solution
  23. Life Lookout
  24. Amplify and Renew
  25. Eco Empire
  26. Saver Native
  27. Life Landscapes
  28. Simply Sustainable
  29. Renew Living
  30. Energy Sanctuary
  31. Eco Habits
  32. Saver Oasis
  33. Nature Connections
  34. Life Friendly
  35. Splendid Eco
  36. Ambient Saver
  37. Sustainable Seekers
  38. Green Exchange
  39. Organic Nature
  40. Smart and Sustainable
  41. Renew Tropical
  42. Beyond Green
  43. Saver Splendid
  44. Eco All-Star
  45. Sustainable Spotting
  46. Life Preserve
  47. Eco World
  48. Saver Protect
  49. Green Cultivate
  50. Passionate Lives
  51. Sustainable and Splendid

How to Get a Free Eco Blog Name

Hopefully, that list of 51 eco blog name ideas has given you an idea for your blog name. If so, you can get a free domain name for a year with Hostinger. 😊

Hostinger is an excellent budget-friendly web hosting option for beginners, and you can even save up to 80% off through my link.

Domain names can cost around $5 to $20 a year on average, so it’s a nice little saving.

How to get a free eco blog name:

  1. Go to and click Go For It.
  2. Stay on Web Hosting and choose whichever plan is suited to you. I recommend the Premium Shared Hosting plan.
  3. Select a timeframe, 24 – 48 months are the best deals, but you can choose between one month or 12 months too.
  4. Enter your details and create an account.
  5. Choose a domain name you’d like.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan gives you a free domain name for one year, free SSL, CDN, 100GB storage, and a free business email (e.g., contact@[domain name].com].

You won’t find web hosting as cheap as Hostinger with the same features.

hostinger black Friday prices and deals

Eco Blog Name Generator Tools

If you’re still unsure about picking a domain name, don’t stress. Below, I’ve picked out three free domain generator tools that will help you find one.

A blog name generator tool helps you find a relevant, unique, and catchy blog name for your desired niche.

To use one, simply add keywords like eco, nature, life, green, and more to the tools, and they will spit out hundreds of relevant blog name ideas for you.

I used these three tools to develop the 51 eco blog name ideas list, and I found them super easy to use.

Just a heads up, these tools encourage you to purchase a domain name, but remember, you can get one free for one year through a Hostinger plan. 😃

WP Beginner – Business Name Generator

wpbeginner business name generator tool

One of the best free domain generator tools is built by WPBeginner. To use this tool, simply enter one or two keywords into the search bar and click ‘Generate.’

The tool will spit out dozens of relevant domain names and different extensions available as well (com, co, net, e.g.)

I like this generator because it shows which domain names are available and which aren’t. This makes it easy to make a list of domain names that you can potentially use.

Business Name Generator

business name generator tool

My personal favorite for blog name generator tools is the Business Name Generator. You can generate thousands of eco blog name ideas from one search.

To use this tool, enter one or two words into the search box and click ‘Generate.’

The tool allows you to sort through dozens of industries, choose a character count, and whether or not you want the words to rhyme.

It’s a super user-friendly tool that will help give you ideas on what to name your blog. I used this tool to come up with the majority of names in the list.

Blog Tyrant – Blog Name Generator

eco blog name ideas

The last domain generator tool on this list is built by Blog Tyrant. TO use this tool, simply enter one or two keywords into the search box and click on ‘Generate Names.’

The tool will load dozens of relevant domains names to the keywords you have entered in.

While it isn’t as comprehensive as other tools, it will give you some excellent ideas for domain names that you can use.

Wrapping Up

As we now know, finding a domain name for the eco niche can be challenging. However, I hope this article has helped you find success.

If you follow the three steps, use one of the 51 ideas, or use a generator tool, you should find a domain name with ease.

Also, just a heads up, you more than likely will not get your preferred pick. I know I didn’t. So, remember to utilize synonyms or research your competition until you find one that’s suited. 😊

Again, you can get a domain name free for one year with Hostinger and up to an 80% discount through my link!

Did you find a relevant eco blog name idea from this article? Let me know in the comments!

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