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15 Best Blogging Tools & Resources for Google Chrome

By August 9, 2021September 25th, 2021Blogging7 min read
best tools for chrome

Are you looking for the best blogging tools for Chrome? Well, you’re in luck. In this post, I’ll share the top 15 blogging tools and resources for Chrome users.

These tools and resources will help you with your blog writing, keyword research, and finding royalty-free images. I’ve also included miscellaneous tools that are useful for customizing your blog.

Many of these tools also have Google Chrome extensions, which are a handy feature for bloggers.

Anyways, let’s get straight into the top 15 blogging tools and resources for Google Chrome without further ado.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. All of these blogging tools are ones that I thoroughly recommend for Chrome users. You can read my full disclosure here.

Best Blog Writing Tools

1. Grammarly

best blogging tools for chrome

Grammarly is my #1 blog writing tool, perfect for grammar and spell checking, and is used by over 30 million people.

This tool helps you with your spelling, grammar, tone, conciseness, and more. It comes with a limited free version and an upgraded paid version. I upgraded to the premium version three months ago and love all the added features (like plagiarism & fluency checker).

Grammarly also comes with a Chrome extension that can be used on any website.

2. ProWritingAid

best blogging tools for chrome

ProWritingAid is another excellent grammar checker for writing blog posts, used by over 2 million people.

This tool helps your spelling and grammar style, sentence variety, readability, and passive voice scores. It comes with a free and paid version and a Chrome extension that can be used on any website.

Best Keyword Research Tools

Here are three free keyword research tools that you can use with Google Chrome, also note that the three of these keyword tools come with Chrome extensions.

3. Similar Web


Similar Web is a helpful tool that estimates your competitors’ total traffic amount.

It breaks the traffic data down into a ranking number, total visits, average session duration, bounce rate percentage, and the countries where most traffic is coming from. If you want a tremendous estimated traffic tool, then this is the one to download.

4. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is the keyword research tool I use every day; it has a free version that allows four searches a day.

It’s perfect for rank tracking, keyword ideas, competitive analysis, and backlink checking. Ubersuggest is also great for giving your blog an On-Page SEO score out of 100 and gives you ideas on improving the score.

The chrome extension is ideal for getting a quick overview of competitors’ traffic, keyword, and backlink data (with 40 free searches a day).

5. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a valuable keyword research tool for Google searches. The tool provides search volume, historical search volume, ‘people also search for’ data, and a domain authority checker.

It’s an ideal keyword tool if you’re looking to find long-tail keywords, as it spits out dozens for every search term.

Free Photo Tools & Resources

6. Canva

best blogging tools for chrome

One of the best blogging tools for Chrome is Canva. It’s perfect for creating social media posts, infographics, and featured images for blog posts. I use Canva every day, and it’s the ideal photo platform.

With millions of free photos, videos, graphics, and charts to choose from, you’ll find everything you need on Canva. There’s a free and paid version, but I’ve found the free version adequate enough for the past year of blogging.

7. Unsplash

best blogging tools for chrome

Get access to a library of over 3 million free photos that you can use on your blog and social media posts. Unsplash is my go-to website for my featured images and blog post photos.

I also upload photos on Unsplash; you can check out my profile here. 😀

8. Pexels

best blogging tools for chrome

Pexels has millions of royalty-free stock photos from over 300,000 contributors. If you’re looking for another website with a collection of royalty-free stock photos, then Pexels is a great option.

9. Bulk Resize Photos

best blogging tools for chrome

A free handy tool that allows you to resize photos to any height, width, percentage, or file size. I typically resize pictures to 1000 pixels wide for my blog posts, but it continuously varies.

Bulk Resize can resize 150 images within 60 seconds and leaves no watermark. It’s a necessary tool if you don’t use a resizing and compressing plugin.

10. Compressor

compressor tool

An excellent image compressing tool that’s fast and easy to use. Simply upload your photos after they’ve been resized, and Compressor will take out the bulk and unnecessary file size.

This tool often reduces photos by 70% – 90% in size and will lead to a quicker loading blog post.

11. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

awesome screenshot

Suppose you’re looking for an easy tool to screenshot web pages or screen record your Chrome browsing. In that case, the Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder extension is the perfect tool for you.

The tool makes it easy to record your desktop, Chrome tabs, and screenshot relevant pages.

Miscellaneous Blogging Tools

12. Hunter

hunter email tool

The Hunter Chrome extension tool allows you to quickly find the email addresses behind the website you’re currently on. Hunter is ideal for bloggers who want to do a lot of email outreach for backlink opportunities.

It’ll save you time from searching around entire websites looking for email addresses.

13. Strike Out No Follow Links

best blogging tools for chrome

If you’re a blogger who does many round-up posts with affiliate links, then this is a great Chrome extension for you.

Strike Out No Follow Links does precisely what the title says and puts a strikethrough “no follow” links. It helps you make sure you have complied with FTC Guidelines for your affiliate links.

14. ColorPick Eyedropper

colorpick eyedropper

Another great tool to use as a blogger is this Color Picker Eyedropper. Basically, it allows you to find the exact color code of anything on web pages (images or elements).

You can then use the specific color code for your blog’s color palette. My color palette for my blog is based on an ocean picture I found on Pinterest.

15. WhatFont


The last of the best tools for bloggers is WhatFont. WhatFont is the easiest way to identify fonts on web pages and displays the exact font, weight, size, color, and line height.

Wrapping Up

So that wraps up the list of the best blogging tools for Google Chrome users.

I use 80% of these tools, and they’ve improved my blogging workflow and research dramatically.

Hopefully, you’ve found some more tools and resources that will help you out with your blogging too! Remember that all of these tools have free versions and are beginner-friendly.

Which of these blogging tools for Chrome do you plan on using?

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