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37 Inspirational Blogging Quotes

By May 12, 2021Quotes6 min read
blogging quotes

Are you looking for some motivation as a blogger? Here are 37 inspirational blogging quotes from some of the most famous and well-known bloggers.

Blogging can be confusing, tiring, and lonely at the best of times, so I thought I’d round up some quotes to give you that much-needed boost of inspiration.

Remember to bookmark this page to come back to it whenever you’re feeling lost with your blogging journey. 🤗

Anyways, let’s get into it!

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37 Best Blogging Quotes

  1. “It should feel genuinely good to earn income from your blog – you should be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed. If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it.” – Steve Pavlina.

  2. “The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.” – Jeff Jarvis.

  3. “The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.” – Jason Calacanis.

  4. “Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback.” – Neil Patel.

  5. “What you do after you create your content is what truly counts.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.
gary vaynerchuk quotes
  1. “The first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from leaving you. So you’ve got to get to the point, you can’t waste people’s time, you’ve got to give them some value for their limited attention span.” – Alex Tabarrok.

  2. “Blogs seem to have two magnetic poles, one attracting friends, the other repulsing relatives.” – Robert Breault.

  3. “Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.” – Avinash Kaushik.

  4. “People don’t have to believe in you for you to succeed. Just work hard; when you succeed, they will believe.” – Stephen Keshi.

  5. “You don’t launch a popular blog, you build one. The writing isn’t the hard part, it’s the commitment.” – Seth.
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  1. “Create something people want to share.” – John Jantsch.

  2. “I am a blogger – that is an amazing thing for me because it captures a moment in time every day.” – Mena Grabowski Trott.

  3. “If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.” – Neil Patel.

  4. “Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is.” – Danielle LaPorte.

  5. “Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading other bloggers.” – George Siemens.
george siemens blogging quote
  1. “I think the pleasure of completed work is what makes blogging so popular. You have to believe most bloggers have few if any actual readers. The writers are in it for other reasons. Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn. All you get is the pleasure of a completed task.” – Scott Adams.

  2. “Most bloggers who rise above the clutter are quite often prolific -they work hard, not just writing content but networking, engaging in Social Media and more.” – Darren Rowse.

  3. “The blog is certainly another tool for writers out there to break their way in. But being a blogger does not make you a great writer.” – Julie Powell.

  4. “Value the quality of your articles over the number of articles you write. I know a lot of bloggers focus on writing as many articles as possible, but I’ve realized over the years that you cannot sacrifice quality if you wish to build a loyal following on your blog.” – Jeet Banerjee.

  5. “In at least one way we are atypical bloggers. That’s because we just keep on posting. The typical blogger, like most people who go on diets and budgets, quits after a few months, weeks, or in many cases, days.” – Stephen J. Dubner.
blogging quotes
  1. “If you want your blog to be a business one day, treat it as one today.” – Darren Rowse.

  2. “Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn.” – Scott Adams.

  3. “Any idea is only as valuable as its ability to solve a problem.” – Sally Hogshead.

  4. “You have to get a great headline to attract attention in your blog – it’s about the lure – not the rod.” – Michael Hyatt.

  5. “The key with blogging is to lay it all out there because sooner or later people are going to know what you know, so might as well be the first one to share the information and get credit for it.” – Neil Patel.
neil patel quote
  1. “When it gets difficult is often right before you succeed.” – Jeffrey Walker.

  2. “You need to update your blog a couple of times a week. You need to post a Twitter here and there. It feels so dumb to say that stuff, but it’s important for me to keep that presence going.” – Nick Thune.

  3. “The Internet destroyed most of the barriers to publication. The cost of being a publisher dropped to almost zero with two interesting immediate results: anybody can publish, and more importantly, you can publish whatever you want.” – Dick Costolo.

  4. “Make your links from blog comments genuine.” – Dick Costolo.

  5. “I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.” – Darren Rowse.
darren rowse quote
  1. “Guest blogging is probably the sort of thing that you should be thinking about doing in moderation.” – Matt Cutts.

  2. “The challenge with being an initiator of projects is that you are never, ever done.” – Seth Godin.

  3. “One of the liberating things about having a blog is the total vision it allows.” – Masha Tupitsyn.

  4. “It’s funny that when people reach a certain age, such as after graduating college, they assume it’s time to go out and get a job. But like many things the masses do, just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.” – Steve Pavlina.

  5. “Put your blog out into the world and hope that your talent will speak for itself.” – Diablo Cody.
diablo cody blogging quote
  1. “Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.” – Larry L. King.

  2. “The key to success in blogging (and in many areas of life) is small but regular and consistent actions over a long period of time” – Darren Rowse.

Which of these blogging quotes was your favorite?

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