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70 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

By April 2, 2021September 27th, 2021Blogging4 min read
blog post ideas for beginners

Recently started a blog? Look at these 70 blog post ideas for beginners that will help you choose what to write about.

Blogging as a beginner can be extremely daunting, hopefully, one of these ideas will kickstart your blog writing process 🙂

As a beginner, I’d also highly recommend focusing on writing high-quality content instead of lots of content. Writing twice a week is very doable for beginners and will give you enough time to produce a solid blog post.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, read this step-by-step guide on how to start a blog, it covers everything you need to know when starting a blog.

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Remember that this is just an idealist, and you’ll still need to do your own keyword research, SEO optimization and write high-quality content.

Let’s get started on the blog post ideas for beginners!

70 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

  1. The Best Kept Secret in ________ | Photography, blogging, making money online, etc

  2. Top Five Must-Have _________ | Amazon products, clothing items, etc

  3. Free Resources and Tools for [niche]

  4. 20 Favorite [niche] Products Under $20

  5. How to Be More Productive in [year]

  6. 8 Things to Avoid as a New _________ | Photographer, blogger, makeup artist, writer, etc

  7. Cheap _________ Gifts for [niche] | Birthday or Christmas

  8. How to Make Money With [niche]

  9. Book Review + Five Takeaways

  10. _________ Gift Guide | Mother’s/Father’s Day, teenager, husband/wife etc

Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle

11. How to Save Money Shopping

12. How I Stay Organized

13. Life Lessons I Learned in My ______ | Teen’s, 20’s, 30’s, etc

14. 10 Self-Improvement Tips

15. Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

16. How to Become More Productive

17. [Year] Fashion Trends

18. 5 Must-Haves in my _________ | Bag, suitcase, purse etc

19. How to Set Realistic Goals for [year]

20. Fun DIY Ideas

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

21. What to Wear to _________ | Job interview, wedding, birthday party, etc

22. [Year + Season] Fashion Trends

23. How to Get a Job in Fashion

24. 10 Top Must-Have Fashion Accessories

25. Fashion Rules to Live By

26. Top 5 [Season] Outfits

27. My 12 Wardrobe Essentials

28. [Clothing/Brand] Review

29. 15 Tips for Thrift Shopping

30. Best Budget Fashion Brands

Resources & tools you’ll love as a blogger

Travel Blog Post Ideas

31. My Top 5 Travel Essentials

32. The Cheapest Countries to Visit

33. Checklist for _________ | Camping, flying, hiking etc (create an email opt-in printable)

34. My Bucket List for [year]

35. A Guide to [camping/hiking/staying] in [country/place]

36. 15 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling

37. Where to Travel in [country/state]

38. 5 Lessons I Learned After Traveling

39. 10 Tips to Pack More Efficiently

40. What’s in My Travel Bag

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Mom Blog Post Ideas

41. The Best Cleaning Products for Families

42. How to Meal Prep for 4 (include a free printable email opt-in)

43. 5 Fun Kids Craft Ideas

44. Healthy Meals on a Budget

45. How to Save Money on Kids Clothing

46. Budgeting as a Big Family

47. Best _________ for Families | Board games, TV shows, crafts etc

48. How to Stay Organised as a Mom

49. 10 Simple Crockpot Meals

50. How to Save Money on _________ Gifts for Kids | Christmas or birthday

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Photographer Post Ideas

51. How to Become a Better Phone Photographer

52. [Product] Review | Camera, lens, or accessories

53. 5 Photography Tips and Tricks

54. 10 _________ Photography Ideas | Christmas, Easter, Fall or Halloween

55. How to Shoot a Long Exposure

56. Tips on Posing for a Portrait Photoshoot

57. How to Edit in Lightroom/Photoshop (or other editing software)

58. 30 Day Photography Challenge

59. My Photography Workstation and Process

60. How to Become a Professional Photographer

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Fitness Blog Post Ideas

61. 3 Exercises That Target Your _________ | Abs, thighs, arms etc

62. 15 Low-Calorie Recipes for

63. What I Eat in a Day

64. 5 Home Workouts for _________ | Mom’s, dad’s, teenager’s, college students etc

65. 10 Healthiest Snacks

66. _______ 30-Day Meal Plan | Keto, paleo, plant-based etc

67. How to Not Give Up on Your Fitness Journey

68. [Product] Review | Gym clothing, workout equipment, etc.

69. 8 Week Fitness Challenge (include email opt-ins and free printables)

70. Health Benefits of _______ | Food or workout


So there we have 70 blog post ideas for beginners. Hopefully, you can use a couple to kickstart your new blog.

If you used one of these ideas, make sure to link it in the comments so we can all check it out 🙂

Which was your favorite blog post idea?

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