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Blog Income Report for July 2021

By August 1, 2021September 25th, 2021Income Report8 min read
july 2021 income report

Hey there! Welcome to my blog income report for July 2021. This is my second income report for Striving Blogger; you can read the last month’s one here: June 2021 Income Report.

I’ve also published the income report for August 2021 here.

I find income reports super interesting to read, and I’m sure you probably do too.

This July 2021 blog income report will share my income, expenses, traffic, metrics, and recommended blogging tools and resources.

July was a kind of hectic month, and I’ll get straight into why.

Why publish a blog income report?

I publish blog income reports because my blog is about blogging and money. It’s a way for new bloggers to get an inside scoop about the world of blogging, and I find it interesting to talk about too.

These income reports are also published for these three main reasons:

  • Accountability: This blog income report is a way for me to look back in the future and see the growth of my blog. Blogging is difficult, so it’s a fun way to track my journey in this online world.
  • Inspiration: Income reports are one of my favorite things to read from bloggers. They can also give you a much-needed boost of motivation if you’ve ever hit a creative block.
  • Transparency: I want to be transparent with my earnings. As you will learn in this income report, my earnings are pretty low, but that’s my main goal. To show the audience (you) that I’m not trying to show off my income, just document my growth as a blogger.

Unlike many bloggers who post their income reports when they’re making over $1000 a month, I thought it’d be so much more fun to share my income as a newer blogger.

I’m not making $2000 in my fifth month of blogging or hitting milestones of 250,000 page views, but this transparency will hopefully resonate with you.

Anyways let’s get onto the numbers for July.

Blog Income – July 2021

For monetization, I still solely rely on affiliates. I actually am in the process of taking my products off of Etsy. It was a good experiment to see how it’d all work out, but I’d rather give the digital products as free printables for my email subscribers.

Income for July 2021: $0

In July 2021, I made $0 gross income from this blog. I know it’s nothing, but it’s still a figure to learn from. Blogging is complex, and it can take a while to start earning money. Again, I hope this transparency resonates with you as a new blogger (or just as a reader).

Anyways, here are the methods I use to earn income from this blog.

Affiliate marketing: $0

Digital products: $0

Expenses for July 2021: $10

Cloudways: $10/month

The cost of running this blog in July was pretty low, with the expenses only being from my web hosting. At the beginning of my blog, I forked out a bit of money, so it’s good to have a low-run price five months down the track.

So in July 2021, I had a net income of -$10.

Blog Traffic & Metrics for July 2021:

All my traffic and metrics for my blog in July, including page views, posts published, and new email subscribers.

Traffic for July 2021 – 223 page views

My blog had 223 page views from 147 sessions in July.

Traffic is up just over 100% from June, in which I received 111 page views and 66 sessions. Traffic was a lot more consistent this month, and I didn’t have many days in which I received 0 page views.

blog income report june 2021

February: 128 page views
March: 129 page views
April: 122 page views
May: 135 page views
June: 111 page views
July: 223 page views

Posts Published – 6 new posts

Last month, I aimed to publish at least ten new posts. I unfortunately only posted six times, which was quite slack. I blame this on being busy preparing for my content warrior challenge for August.

A content warrior challenge is where you publish 31 times in 31 days. I think it’ll be a fun challenge to set for myself, and I’ll let you know how it goes in next month’s income report.

Email Subscribers +3

In July, I had three new email subscribers, bringing my total to 8 subscribers. It’s gratifying seeing an email list start to grow, and I’m excited to see how big it’ll get in 6 – 12 months.

ConvertKit did have an update problem, which resulted in my forms not showing sitewide for a few days. Kind of a bummer, but I’m not receiving 10k pageviews a day, so I can live with it. 😂

You can join the community below if you’d like to get updates for new posts + money/blogging tips and tricks. 

That’s all for my traffic and metrics for July. Next, I’ll get into my recommended blogging tools and resources (including free photos you can use).

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. These tools and resources are ones that I thoroughly recommend for all bloggers. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Recommended Blogging Tools & Resources


I started contributing to Unsplash in May and currently have 22 photos on the platform. I contributed another 16 shots in July.

These photos are all taken by me and are completely free to use on your blog or website.

Check out my Unsplash profile


The web hosting that I use and love.

Perks of Cloudways include:

  • Super fast hosting
  • Automated backups
  • Free migration from another web-host

The plans start at $10/month but get billed month-to-month, meaning you won’t get charged until next month.

Try Cloudways Today (receive $15 credit at signup)

PS: If you’d like to learn how to start a blog with Cloudways, read this step-by-step guide.

A2 Hosting

If Cloudways is too expensive for you, then A2 Hosting is another good pick. The plans start at $2.99 a month and are fast and reliable.

Perks of A2 Hosting include:

  • Plans start at $2.99 a month
  • Fast and reliable hosting
  • Free domain and SSL

Just a heads up, unlike Cloudways, you have to pay the price in full at the beginning.

Get A2 Hosting

Salient Theme

The premium theme I use for this blog. It’s got incredible customization options and is perfect for bloggers. It also comes with hundreds of pre-built templates and WP Bakery Page Builder.

Get Salient Theme


The extra pair of eyes I use for every blog post I write. I invested in the paid version and have loved it ever since, but the free version is perfect enough for a basic spell and grammar check.

Get Grammarly


ConvertKit is the email marketing/list service I use for this blog. The platform is super user-friendly and is built for bloggers by bloggers.

ConvertKit is free for 1000 subscribers, and then plans start at $29/month.

Unlock 1000 free ConvertKit subscribers


An excellent cashback app to earn money back on online and in-store purchases. The cashback rates vary from 1 – 40%.

Sign up with Rakuten (Spend $30 & receive $30 back)

Wrapping up July 2021 Income Report

Cheers for reading this income report for July 2021.

Hopefully, reading an income report from someone who’s made nothing this month can be relatable as a new (or even experienced) blogger.

The primary purpose of my blog income reports is to be transparent with my readers and showcase the highs and the lows of blogging.

Anyways, I’ll be back with another income report for August. Hopefully, I earn something, but who knows?

How much did you make in July 2021 from blogging?

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