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25 Best Work From Home Gifts in 2021

By May 27, 2021September 25th, 2021Gift Ideas9 min read
best work from home gifts

Unsure of the best work-from-home gifts to give? Don’t worry; this post has got you covered!

If you know someone working from home, or you do so yourself, then you’ll understand the struggle of work-life balance. I often find it super challenging to detach after a long day of writing and continue working late.

This list covers 25 of the best work from home gifts, from electronic gadgets to organization and even aromatic fragrances.

Make sure to bookmark this page for birthdays or Christmas. ⭐

Anyways, let’s get onto the list! 🙂

Disclaimer: This article contains Amazon affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Best Work from Home Gifts

1. Monitor

A sleek and stylish monitor is a great gift to give to someone who works from home. This is a 27” 1080p IPS Monitor from Dell and is excellent for multitasking and online work. I’ve been using a monitor for over four years and love it. This monitor is also great for someone who works from a laptop, as they can connect to the monitor and have a bigger screen.

2. Desk organization

A big challenge people with desk setups face is not having enough storage. This Desktop Organizer by Jerry & Maggie fixes that problem. The shelving comes in two colors, white or black, perfect for holding stationery, books, and more.

3. Webcam

If your friend is always in online meetings, it might be time for an upgraded webcam. The 1080p Web Cam by NexiGo is an excellent choice for Zoom, Skype, or online meetings/conferences. It’s a steal for the price and comes with a privacy cover, noise-canceling microphone, and excellent portability.

4. A VPN

A VPN (a virtual private network) is necessary when working from home. This is the perfect work-from-home gift to anyone wanting to keep their data and browsing habits safe. NordVPN is an excellent option to choose with 50+ countries, fast loading times, and one of the cheapest VPNs on the market.

It’s also the perfect gift for those who love online movie streaming, as it can uncover 10,000+ movies & TV shows from around the world.

5. Wireless keyboard & mouse

Another great gift is this Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo. It’s the perfect setup that eliminates ugly cables; the keyboard also features a wrist rest ideal for long typing sessions. The battery life is also insane, with three years for the keyboard and 18-months for the mouse.

6. Blue light glasses

If you’re staring at a screen all day, then it may be worthwhile to buy some blue light glasses. Anrri Blue Light Glasses block out 90% of blue light and help to reduce eye strain and fatigue. They’re cheap and will help stop the tossing and turning at nighttime after a long day of work.

7. Fitness tracker

Another easy yet excellent gift for someone who works from home is a fitness tracker. The Fitbit Charge 4 will monitor your heart rate, calories burned, sleep tracking, and remind you to move every hour. It’s the perfect device to motivate you to exercise and keep active throughout the workday.

8. Candles

Since you’re at home all day, why not make the place smell a bit better with candles? These Homesick Scented Candles are the perfect addition to any home office and come in fragrances of the 50 states, plus dozens of countries, memories, and holidays.

9. Wireless charger

A wireless charger is a super convenient way to charge your smartphone without having to fiddle with or organize cables on your desk. This 10W Wireless Charger by Anker is fast enough to charge any phone and is an easy gift that anyone would enjoy.

10. Apple iPad

Another easy yet great gift for someone who works from home is an Apple iPad 10.2”. It’s a versatile piece of technology that’s great for note-taking, sketching, web browsing, and more. If you’re not sure what to get them for a present, get an iPad.

11. Floating lamp

What’s cooler than a Floating Wireless LED Light Bulb that sits on your desk? This gift is perfect for any bookshelf or desk and features a magnetic levitating light bulb that spins constantly. Instead of just a bare lamp, why not go all out and give them a unique gift.

12. Wireless headphones

Working from home has many negative aspects, and one of those is loud noises (like traffic or family members). A great way to eliminate that problem is by these Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones. Sporting a sleek design and up to 30 hours of battery life, they’re the perfect gift for anyone working from home. If they’re out of your budget, Anker Soundcore Headphones do a fantastic job at a quarter of the price.

13. Insulated mug

Working from home can be tiring, and we can often forget to drink the hot (or cold) beverages we make for ourselves. Instead of letting coffee go cold (or warm), why not buy a YETI 14oz Mug. It’s vacuum-sealed stainless steel and comes with a Magsafe lid, keeping your drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

14. Desk chair

If you’re working from home in a crappy chair, you put yourself at risk of back pains and bad posture. This Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair by Duramont is one of the best gifts for someone who works from home. It features lumbar support, adjustable back support and comes with a 5-year warranty.

15. Ultrasonic diffusers

Aromatherapy Diffusers are an excellent way to achieve a nice-smelling workspace without the flames. The diffuser has a 13.5fl oz capacity and is perfect to set and forget. This diffuser also comes with ten essential oils, including peppermint, orange, lemongrass, and more.

If the person you’re buying for has pets. I advise against purchasing this because specific essential oils are lethal to pets.

16. A whiteboard

A practical gift for anyone who works from home is this Quartet Dry-Erase Glass Whiteboard. It’s super easy to jot down notes and is perfect for writing to-do lists, ideas, and more. The easel can stand up or lie down, ideal for any desk situation.

17. Snacks care package

If you know someone who works at home, be sure to get them this Sweet & Salty Snacks Variety Box. Coming with chips, nuts, crackers, and cookies, it’s the perfect gift for a daytime snacker.

18. External hard drive

If you want to keep your data and photos safe, an External Portable HDD is an excellent gift. You should always have a backup of your files. A simple malfunction or spill could eliminate years of memories/work. Although a hard drive sounds boring, it’s a great practical gift.

19. Desk footrest

A more random selection on the list of these work-from-home gifts is the ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest. It’s intended for under-the-desk use and is perfect for back, lumbar, and knee support. This would be an excellent gift for someone whose feet can’t touch the ground at their desk, and chiropractors endorse it.

20. MacBook Air M1

If your friend/loved one needs a new laptop, the Apple MacBook Air is a solid choice. The new M1 chip is powerful enough to handle most things thrown at it, and it’s perfect for online work, editing, and more. It’s a few hundred dollars cheaper than the MacBook Pro but has a very similar performance.

21. Insulated water bottle

Remembering to stay hydrated is essential to maintain focus while working from home. This Stainless Steel Water Bottle by HYDRO CELL is the perfect way to keep hydrated throughout the day. It comes in many sizes and colors, with a straw and wide mouth lid.

22. Daily planner

This Smart Planner Pro is a versatile daily planner, perfect for time management, goal setting, and to-do lists. The planner comes in three sleek colors and includes various sticker inserts. It’s an undated planner, meaning you can start it at any time throughout the year.

23. Desk lamp

A perfect gift for someone who works from home is this LED Desk Lamp. Featuring a USB charging point, seven brightness levels, and five color modes, it’s the perfect addition to any desk setup without crowding it.

24. Reed diffuser

Another way to liven up space is with a reed diffuser. This 5.75oz Reed Diffuser by Craft & Kin is an excellent way to get an aromatic house without the use of candles or flames. The diffuser lasts for 3-4 months and comes in fragrances of orange blossom & lotus, jasmine & lily, and oud wood.

25. Desk organizer + charger

The last best work from home gifts is this Wireless Charger Desk Organizer. It features a stationary holder with a 10W wireless charger to the right. Instead of crowding a desk with a wireless charger and stationery holder, why not kill two birds with one stone with this helpful gadget.

Which of these best work-from-home gifts do you plan on purchasing?

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