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101 Best Art Blog Name Ideas for 2022

By October 19, 2021December 21st, 2021Blogging10 min read
art blog name ideas

Are you planning to start an art blog but finding it tricky to develop a domain name? Well, here’s a round-up of 101 catchy art blog name ideas that you can use in 2022.

Domain names are an essential consideration for bloggers. They need to be relevant to your niche, easy to remember, and catchy.

Without these three traits, you risk having a domain name that isn’t relevant to the art niche.

This article also talks about what to consider when choosing an art name, how to get a domain free for one year, and three generator tools you can use if you’re still out of luck.

Anyways, let’s jump straight into the 101 art blog name ideas, starting with how to choose a good name.

Disclaimer: The article contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission on purchases at no cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

How to Choose a Good Art Blog Name

Below are three strategies I recommend following when choosing an art blog name. I used these three strategies to develop the 101 art blog name ideas and found them convenient.

Domain names are essential for blogs, give you credibility, and create brand awareness for your blog.

While they are essential, you shouldn’t spend weeks trying to find the perfect one.

I found my domain name within an hour, and with this guide, you should find yours in a similar timeframe.

If you want to skip directly to the art blog names list, click here.

Make it short and catchy

If you want to create a memorable blog name, then I recommend making it short and catchy.

Anything under 20 characters is a good find, but the lower, the better. My domain name is 15 characters, with only two words.

The words striving and blogger are easy to memorize, so pick something short and easy to remember too.

Again, while there aren’t any strict rules you have to follow, you want your audience to remember your blog name.

This is much more difficult if you have a domain name with 40 characters and five words. One to three words is the sweet spot and guarantees that your blog should be easy to remember.

Most short names have already been taken (and sold for thousands of dollars), so don’t stress if you can’t find a name with under 10 to 15 characters.

Use synonyms

Another strategy to find a good art blog name is using a thesaurus to find synonyms for words you like.

I hate to break it to you, but you’ll probably find a blog name that you love, only to be heartbroken after finding it taken. I know I was when I thought of the perfect name.

So, if you ever come across this problem on your hunt, don’t worry and use an online thesaurus for words you like.

When I was looking for domains for this blog, I wanted my blog to be called ‘Aspiring Blogger.’ Unfortunately, that name had already been taken.

Instead of looking for different names, I input ‘aspiring’ into the thesaurus and found the word ‘striving’ instead. It turns out that I love the word striving so much more and find it a lot more relevant to my niche.

You can follow these same steps for any art blog name you like, in the case that you find it’s already been taken.

Research the competition

Instead of guessing what domain names work and which ones don’t, why not research your competition to see what they’ve named their art blogs?

Following this strategy is a perfect way to eliminate ideas and gain inspiration for your search.

If you’re unsure about your top competitors, here are the 50 best art blogs.

Write down whichever names you like in the list, and from there, you can use those names as inspiration for your search.

Here are three art blog names that I like and the reasons why I like them:

Good art blog names:

  • Creative Boom: An easy-to-remember name. Using a word like ‘creative’ gives you an umbrella of topics to talk about. Whereas let’s say that you’ve named your blog Wayne’s Watercolors, you’ve pigeonholed yourself into the watercolor niche, and it will be hard to break out of it.
  • Jackson’s Art: A domain name that’s personalized. If you’re unsure of what name to pick, you can always go down the route of adding your name with art on the end of it. I also like personalized domain names because you can connect with your audience better.
  • Artrepreneur: A combination of art and entrepreneur, which is creative and fun. Playing with two words and combining them can create a more memorable domain name.
jacksons art homepage

Art Blog Name Ideas List

  1. My Home Artwork
  2. [First Name]’s Art
  3. Artwork Crunch
  4. The Artist Addiction
  5. Drawing Dreams
  6. Creative Creations
  7. Dazzling Designs
  8. Illustrate and Inspire
  9. Lively Landscapes
  10. Decorating Dreams
  11. Passion Painters
  12. Creativepreneur
  13. Impressive Illustrations
  14. Clay Creations
  15. The Daily Art
  16. Art Accessories
  17. Sculpting Scenes
  18. Creative Buzz
  19. Glorious Graphic Design
  20. Advice for Artists
  21. Draw and Design
  22. Product Artwork
  23. Styled Strokes
  24. Aspiring Artists
  25. Flowing Forms
  26. Artwork Advice
  27. Advanced Artists
  28. Digital Art School
  29. The Artists Guide
  30. Devine Design
  31. Paradise Painters
  32. Simple Sketches
  33. Candid Artist
  34. Rising Realism
  35. Fresh Forms
  36. Creative News
  37. Savvy Style
  38. Classic Creations
  39. Creative and Clever
  40. Alluring Artworks
  41. Delightful Drawings
  42. Creative Resources
  43. Artsy Artworks
  44. Illustrators Information
  45. Daily Decorations
  46. Calligraphy Class
  47. Creative Boost
  48. Canvas Creations
  49. Easy Designs
  50. Modern Mediums
  51. Captivating Crafts
  52. Deluxe Artworks
  53. The Daily Abstract
  54. Depicting Dreams
  55. Project Abstract
  56. Classic Compositions
  57. Painter’s Report
  58. Creative Crafts
  59. Sharp Styles
  60. Drawing Quests
  61. Liner Brush Life
  62. Angelic Artist
  63. Sketching My Soul
  64. Fresh Visions
  65. Simple Styling
  66. Artfusion
  67. The Modern Masterpiece
  68. Striving Sketcher
  69. Enriching Exhibitions
  70. Painting Politics
  71. Scraps and Sketchbooks
  72. Wonderful Watercolors
  73. Visual Visionary
  74. Engraved Expressions
  75. Artwork and Soul
  76. Easy Painting
  77. Design Art
  78. Graphic Design Growth
  79. Quilting Quest
  80. Talent and Tools
  81. Sketching School
  82. Simple Sculpting
  83. Artwork Media
  84. Complex Creations
  85. Famous Frames
  86. Best Brushes
  87. Ageless Abstracts
  88. Improve Your Illustrations
  89. Daily Designs
  90. Framed Focus
  91. Artists in Action
  92. Creative Souls
  93. Abstract Artistry
  94. Creative Therapy
  95. Mystic Painting
  96. Brilliant Creations
  97. Tools and Templates
  98. Exhibition Express
  99. Fresh Artistry
  100. Dream Designing
  101. Creativity Class

October 19, 2021: Over a dozen of these domain names are still available; get one free for one year below with Hostinger.

Also, remember to change out words and use synonyms. I bet you’ll be able to find a name in no time with this list. 😊

How to Get a Free Art Domain Name

Hopefully, the 101 art blog name ideas have given you the perfect idea for a domain name. If so, I’ve got a deal for you that will help you get a free domain name for one year with Hostinger. 😊

Hostinger is an excellent web hosting option for beginners, and you can save up to 80% off through my link.

Domain names can cost from $6 – $25+ a year, so it’s a nice little saving.

How to get a free art domain name:

  1. Head over to and click Get Started.
  2. Stay on “Web Hosting’ and choose whichever plan you’d like. I recommend the ‘Premium Shared Hosting’ plan ($2.59 a month).
  3. Select a period, 24 – 48 months are great options, but you can choose between one month or 12 months too.
  4. Enter your details and create the account.
  5. Choose whichever domain name you want.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan gives you a free domain name, SSL, CDN, 100GB storage, a free business email and is perfect for up to 25,000 pageviews a month.

You seriously won’t find web hosting this cheap with the same features, exactly why it’s perfect for beginners.

hostinger deal

Art Domain Generator Tools

If you’re still unable to develop a relevant art blog name, don’t worry; these three free generator tools will help you find one!

A blog name generator tool helps you find unique and relevant blog names for your niche.

To use one, add keywords like art, abstract, brush, canvas, craft, draw, and more to the tools. They will then spit out dozens of relevant art blog name ideas for you.

I used these tools to help develop the 101 art blog name ideas, and they work effortlessly.

Just a heads up, these generator tools do encourage you to buy a domain through their links. The decision is up to you, but remember, you can get one free through a Hostinger plan. 😊

WPBeginner – Business Name Generator

wpbeginner business name generator

The first domain name generator tool I’m recommending is built by WPBeginner. This tool is super easy to use. Simply enter one or two keywords into the search box and click ‘Generate.’

It will then spit out dozens of domain names, as well as the different extensions (com, co, net) you can use.

This tool is very nicely laid out, with three rows of names listed. I also really like this tool because it shows the availability of the domain names, so it’s straightforward to create a list of words that you can use.

It’s also ideal for people who want to develop a new business or company name but don’t know where to begin.


nameboy generator tool

The second domain name generator tool that I highly recommend is Nameboy. Like WPBeginner’s tool, enter one or two keywords into the search bar and click ‘Submit.’

The tool will spit out hundreds of art blog name ideas and their availabilities.

If there aren’t any good names available, my tip is to enter different keyword variations into the search box. Sometimes, the tool has a hard time finding available domain names.

I appreciate using this tool because it’s more accurate at displaying available names than the other two tools.

Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify brand name generator

The last domain name tool I’m recommending is built by Shopify. Again, to use this tool, enter a query and click on ‘Generate names.’

The tool will spit out dozens of relevant business names that contain your entered word. I dig using this tool because it pairs appropriate words together, unlike other tools where it’s randomized.

While this resource is built primarily for Shopify shop names, it can help give you some ideas for an art blog name.

Wrapping Up

As you now know, finding a catchy domain name can be a challenging task. I hope this round-up of 101 art blog name ideas has helped ease this process.

If you follow the three steps or use one of the generator tools listed, you should easily find a domain name.

Just a reminder, you most likely won’t find your preferred pick (I certainly didn’t). So, don’t give up, and remember to utilize synonyms until you find one that’s available. 😃

Starting a blog is a journey, and I’m excited for you to embark on it. Make sure to persevere and push through the hard times, and hopefully, your blog will become a success. 🤞🏼

Again, you can get a domain name free for a year with Hostinger (up to 80% off through my link).

Did this round-up of 101 art blog name ideas help you find a relevant domain name?

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