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107 Blog Post Ideas That Will Attract More Readers

By February 22, 2021October 6th, 2021Blogging7 min read
blog post ideas

Sometimes, it can be challenging for a blogger to develop new blog post ideas. Considering that more than 4.4 million blog posts are uploaded each day (Worldometers), it can quickly become lost and confused about what to write about.

Luckily, below is a list of 100+ blog post ideas you can write about in any niche!

Remember, though, this is just an idealist and may sprout some ideas. I still highly recommend doing your own keyword research, SEO optimization, and writing high-quality content.

There is no point in writing these posts if no one in your niche reads them. I do my keyword research through Ubersuggest, and I recommend doing something similar.

Free Keyword Research Tools

You could also use a free tool like the Keyword Generator by ahrefs. This tool can give you an idea of the volume of searches a keyword gets a month from Google and other keyword ideas.

Simply click the above link and search for a keyword (this is entirely free, you just need to verify you’re a human and not a bot).

blog post ideas

The keyword tool will then spit out 100 keyword ideas for your search. This includes search traffic volume and keyword difficulty (for the first 10 keywords).

blog post ideas

I must say that the ahrefs keyword tool is very limiting, but it can be beneficial if you’re a beginner.

Here are a few other free keyword research tools that you can use:

  • Wordstream (shows 25 keywords, CPC & competition)
  • Ubersuggest (3 keyword searches/day, basically the full version but with limited daily searches)
  • Google Keyword Planner (full keyword data but is comprehensive)

Now, if you’d like to get onto 100+ blog post ideas, below is the complete list.

Let’s get started 🙂

Blog Post Ideas

Most of these blog post ideas can be used in any niche! How awesome is that?! Time to start planning and writing your content 🙂

  1. Top 10 Must-Have Amazon Products
  2. A Book Review
  3. 10 _________ Tips & Tricks | Photography, cleaning, camping, blogging, travelling etc
  4. Monthly Reflections
  5. A Day In The Life of a _________ | Makeup artist, influencer, photographer, etc
  6. Monthly Income/ Traffic Reports
  7. Top 5 Best _________ | Cameras, make up brushes, hiking boots, speakers, etc
  8. Life Hacks
  9. Home/Desk _________ | Decor, gadgets, tools you use
  10. Top 5 _________ Books to Read in 2021 | Influential, money, fiction, non-fiction, etc
  11. How I Manage My Blog
  12. 35+ Best _________ Quotes | Money, lifestyle, habits, influential, inspiring etc.
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  13. Habits of Successful Women/Men
  14. How to Get More Followers/Likes on Facebook
  15. Inside Guide to (city you live in)
  16. 8 Biggest _________ Mistakes to Avoid | Photography, makeup, social media, traveling, blogging, etc
  17. What’s In My _________ Bag? | Camera, makeup, travel etc
  18. 15 Favourite Products Under $10
  19. 10 Best _________ Podcasts | Inspirational, motivational, lifestyle etc
  20. 7 Work From Home Tips
  21. Goals for (year)
  22. Favourite _________ Apps | Journaling, to-do list, editing etc
  23. 68 Famous Quotes
  24. Meals on a Budget
  25. How to Stay Relaxed During Stressful Times (could mention Christmas, birthdays, or Thanksgiving)
  26. My Workstation (share your workstation, desk setup, etc.)
  27. How to Stay Productive at Home
  28. Top Lessons You’ve Learned
  29. Monthly Budgeting Advice to Beginners
  30. How to Protect Your Blog From _________ | Hackers, spammers, hate, etc
  31. Biggest Advice to Newbies
  32. 4 Time-Saving Hacks as a _________ | Mom, blogger, teenager (any industry in your niche), etc
  33. Favourite Sites For Free Images
  34. How to Build Your Pinterest Followers as a (niche)
  35. 3 Habits For Success
  36. How to Balance Work & Family Life as a (job title)
  37. Ideas For Instagram Stories
  38. 5 Tips For Networking as a/an _________ | Photographer, makeup artist, influencer, blogger etc
  39. How to Write Faster as a/an _________ | Blogger, author, accountant etc
  40. My 4 Favourite Resources as a/an _________ | Editor, author, blogger, photographer, influencer etc
  41. The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe
  42. [Significant Other] Gift Guide
  43. How to Build Your Instagram as a _________ | Model, photographer, blogger, influencer, traveller etc
  44. The Best Kept Secret in (niche)
  45. How to Create a _________ Logo | Social media, photography, Etsy, blog etc
  46. Free Resources for (niche)
  47. How I Promote my Blog on _________ | Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  48. 15 Ways to Unwind
  49. How to Schedule Posts With _________ | Tailwind, Instagram etc
  50. How to Be More Productive
  51. 5 Cheap Alternatives to _________ | Any expensive product in your niche
  52. My Latest Creative Project
  53. The Best Hashtags to Use as a _________ | Photographer, influencer, traveler, makeup artist, blogger, etc
  54. How to Improve Your _________ | Productivity, sleeping, lifestyle etc
  55. Where I See My Business Heading in 25 Years
  56. How to Build Your Facebook as a _________ | Photographer, influencer, traveler, makeup artist, blogger, etc
  57. Mother’s Day Gift Guide
  58. FAQ Post | Frequently asked questions in your niche
  59. How to Get Clients Through Facebook in (year)
  60. Ideas for Instagram Captions
  61. How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business
  62. Ultimate Survival Guide For _________ | Instagram, Facebook, blogging etc
  63. How to Make Money Online
  64. 15+ Black Friday Deals
  65. Common Mistakes New _________ Make | Bloggers, influencers, writers, photographers etc
  66. How to Get Guest Posts
  67. 15 Best Movies to Watch as a (niche you’re in)
  68. 5 Healthy Pancake Recipes
  69. Father’s Day Gift Guide
  70. Comparison of _________ vs _________ | Any product or service
  71. Small Businesses You Should Support
  72. Resources To Grow Your _________ | Blog, business etc
  73. My Bucket List
  74. How to Build a Community as a _________ | Photographer, traveller, influencer etc
  75. 10 Common Misconceptions About _________ | Bloggers, photographers, guru’s, weight-loss, teachers etc
  76. Teenager Gift Guide
  77. 10-Day _________ Challenge | Photography, makeup, Instagram, weight-loss etc
  78. Travel Bucket List
  79. Daily _________ Routine | Bedtime, nighttime, morning etc
  80. Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $50
  81. Best Planners For (year)
  82. How to Save $5000 as a (job or niche you’re in)
  83. Where to Travel in (your state)
  84. Cheap Novelty Gifts Under $20
  85. Top Ten List
  86. A Blogging Milestone (first 1000 page views/month or first 100 email subscribers, could talk about how you achieved it).
  87. 5 Best Life Lessons I Learned In My _________ | Teenage years, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s (I think you get the point)
  88. My Favourite WordPress Plugins
  89. 10 Things To Achieve Before Turning (age 30, 50 etc.)
  90. How to Get Clients through Instagram in (year)
  91. Roadmap to Success as a _________ | Photographer, make-up artist, influencer, blogger etc.
  92. 19 Budget-Friendly Vegan Meals
  93. My Favourite WordPress Theme
  94. Tips to Creating a PERFECT Social Media Profile
  95. Fun Hobbies to Do At Home
  96. 13 Easy Hacks to Save Time _________ | Cooking, cleaning, preparing meals etc
  97. My Favourite _________ Hack | Weight-loss, cleaning, cooking, meal prep, blogging etc
  98. How to Stay Organised as a _________ | Stay-at-home mum, photographer, influencer, writer etc
  99. Fitness Routine of a (niche or job you work as)
  100. The Best Apps I Have on My Phone
  101. Weekly to-do List (could include a free printable as an incentive to sign up to your email list)
  102. An Ultimate Guide of _________ | Country, social media app, etc.
  103. The Biggest Mistake I Made as a _________ | Small business, makeup artist etc
  104. 5 Unhealthy Mindsets to Let Go Of
  105. _________ Myths Debunked | Blogging, Instagram, weight-loss, cleaning, cooking etc
  106. 10 Blogging Tips For Newbies
  107. How to Increase Your Followers on Instagram


So there we have it, 107 blog post ideas that will give you a burst of inspiration for your next post.

As you can see with most titles, they are very ‘number orientated’ and ‘list orientated,’ and it’s quite a simple reason behind it.

Humans love to read lists (New Yorker).

If you’ve written a blog post with one of these ideas, leave a link to it down comments below so that we can all check it out!

Which blog post idea was your favorite?

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